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Quest VR Update: No More Facebook Account Requirement

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Article Summary
  • Quest VR updates its login progress.
  • Users will no longer need a Facebook account to sign into their headsets.
  • Meta accounts are the newest alternative for users to log in.

Meta has decided to update its Quest VR requirements and soon, using the headsets won’t require users to have a Facebook account. The new steps will have you log in with a meta account instead.

While other companies are trying to advance the use of VR and AR gears, the Oculus Quest VR remains one of the most popular headsets in the space. Quest is finally changing its decision to allow users to log in without needing their social media accounts.

This is a huge step forward since some people either don’t use their Facebook account that much or don’t have a Facebook account. Users will still have the option to use their Facebook account to add messaging or call features to their VR experience.

Users Can Log In to Their Quest VR Headset by Using a Meta Account Instead of Just Facebook Accounts

The Meta accounts can be used purely for logging into the VR and are in no way social media accounts. Users will still have to set up their Meta Horizon VR social profile, previously known as the Oculus profile.

With the Oculus profile, users had to input a username, profile name, avatar, and profile photo. When it comes to the Meta Horizon profile, it will be visible to others within VR apps when they are searching for the user on the Oculus app or the Quest social menu.

Users will be able to customize their settings to manage who can see their activity status or when they are online. The changes come just less than two years after they decided to require users to use their Facebook accounts to sign in to the headsets.

The move to require users to sign in with their Facebook accounts started during the release of the Quest 2 back in October of 2020. The decision to require a user’s social media accounts didn’t sit well with a lot of people.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Statement Regarding the Backlash Received from Requiring Facebook Accounts to Login

A statement was made by Mark Zuckerberg back in Connect 2021 in October regarding their decision. As per Zuckerberg, they have heard the feedback and are working to make it so users will be able to log into their Quest by using other accounts aside from their Facebook.

Finally, nine months later, Meta is ready to carry out what they have previously promised. As of press time, there isn’t much known regarding what other types of accounts will be available to use for the VR headsets.

It is also unknown whether users might be able to use different types of accounts, later on, to log into their VR headsets. Meta’s decision to allow people to start logging in to their VR headsets with their Meta accounts in August.


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