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Realme Smartwatch TechLife R100 Specs Released Pre-Launch

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Article Summary

  • Details of a new Realme smartwatch have been revealed before its introduction.
  • The new smartwatch is called the TechLife Watch R100.
  • The TechLife Watch R100’s battery life won’t be as good as some other smartwatch models.

There’s been an increasing trend of smartphone companies entering the smartwatch phase. Realme could be adding a new product line with its “TechLife” lineup and details of its smartwatch were released before its launch.

There are only a few truly popular smartwatch models that don’t come from a smartphone company like Garmin. Most of the time, smartwatches are just another product line for bigger companies like Apple or Samsung.

The Growing Popularity of Smartwatches and Their Use Cases

Smartwatches have evolved from just a digital watch interface to actually including some unique features that help when it comes to tracking, fitness, and other practical uses. New patents have been filed regarding the expansion of smartwatch capabilities.

The use of smartphones has increased over the years as more and more people find them to be a good gadget to use especially when it comes to monitoring their health or fitness. The device is used not just by fitness and health enthusiasts, but also those that need to monitor their heart-rate and other metrics.

The Apple Watch has been credited in several instances to be a lifesaving device. Users have reported how they were unconscious and the Apple Watch automatically made 911 calls in order for health officials to save them.

The Apple Watch remains one of the most popular smartwatches in the game but it is sometimes too expensive for regular users. This is where other companies or brands like Realme come into the picture and offer more affordable smartwatches with similar capabilities as the Apple Watch.

Realme is Coming Out with the TechLife Watch R100 Smartwatch

This won’t be the first time Realme will be adding a smartwatch to its product line as it has already released multiple models under different product lines. The company, however, aims to provide a more high-tech smartwatch with its TechLife line.

The new TechLife Watch R100 is expected to be introduced to the market on June 23 and will include different features like Bluetooth calling and more. The new smartwatch will have a 1.32-inch TFT color scheme along with 360 x 360-pixel resolutions.

The watch is also designed to use an aluminum alloy frame built with a matte rear cover with two buttons located on the smartwatch’s right side. The new smartwatch also includes a speaker and a microphone to allow its users to make calls.

As per Realme, the smartwatch’s battery, a 380 mAh battery, is enough to last up to seven days with regular use. The battery isn’t really something special since there are other smartphones in the market with reportedly larger batteries that charge faster.

The Realme smartwatch takes two hours in order to fully charge the TechLife Watch R100. This, however, isn’t that impressive since the battery is only 380 mAh.


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