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Record Breaking Fortnite Galactus Event Ushers in Season 5

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As December starts for a new season, the recent Fortnite Marvel-themed event was the game’s biggest player attendance to date according to a tweet from Epic Games as this battle royale shooter genre continues to assert its dominance.

This event beat the Travis Scott concert this year that peaked 12.3 million viewers as per The Verge. With the new season coming out this week, players are excited with what’s to come next before the year ends.

The Mandalorian Makes An Appearance

Fortnite teased its fans with a couple of trailers for Chapter 2 of Season 5 and a lot of people are already hyped with the appearance of Mando and Baby Yoda in their recent battle pass.

In addition to Mando’s special appearance, 6 more hunters are also introduced into the game and players also have the opportunity to use the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun as well as the Mandalorian’s Amban Sniper Rifle.

The map for this next season has changed significantly with the addition of new points of interest, both new and old! Salty Towers, one of the warehouses from Dusty Depot and Flush Factory all present on the Season 5 map.

More Hands-On Updates Covered By SypherPK

SypherPK who is a famous Fortnite streamer on YouTube Gaming and Twitch also gave his fans a preview on what the recent Season 5 battle pass has in store for them. 

He also gave players a lot of detailed updates with the recent map as well as some changes in terms of new and old locations and new items introduced.

In the recent video, he mentioned that you can now pick up some gold currency in the map which could be used to buy in-game cosmetic items. The AK assault rifle’s performance also improved for this game and there are some crystals in the map which gives players the ability to dash. 

You can download Fortnite for free in the Epic Game Store if you want to collect that Mando skin.


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