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Report Says AI Robots to Work More than Humans in 2025

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  • A report says AI robots could be working more than humans in 2025.
  • Robot technology has evolved over the years due to machine learning.
  • Simulations help the acceleration of their learning.

Are robots really taking over the world? A report says that come 2025, there could be more AI robot workers compared to humans. What does this mean?

You’ve probably watched those sci-fi movies of robots taking over the world and humans trying to battle for survival but is this apocalyptic depiction accurate? Not a lot of people know that we already live in a world with computers all around us.

Computers power electronics like the refrigerator, remote, or even a hot shower. When it comes to robots, however, this is a different story.

Robots have started seeing a lot of use in both the commercial and the industrial sectors as businesses have discovered that artificial intelligence helps them automate certain tasks to make them more efficient and reduce the chances of human error.

These AI robots have been deployed in certain sectors like factories and manufacturing plants where they are used for simple tasks like packaging, assembling, or sorting. With the evolution of technology, we can only imagine what the future will be like as robots start working more than humans.

Report Says Robots Will Work More than Humans by 2025

ServiceNow and Wallace have partnered together to publish a report detailing the “cultural shifts expected in Australia’s workplace over the next 10 years.” The report says that by 2025, digital employees will be widely used across Australian workplaces to spend more time completing work compared to humans.

The report details the adoption of AI and how it trends in the workplace for Australians. With technology only evolving over time and machine learning allowing artificial intelligence to improve, robots are expected to be able to accomplish once human-only tasks later on.

Wallace said “over the next decade, AI will become even more widespread” in different fields of both life and work. She also noted that interactions with the AI can happen hundreds of times a day even when you are sleeping.

Machine learning is the process of teaching the AI new tricks or perfecting what it is doing through a calculated trial and error process. Over the years, simulations have been created to allow acceleration for machine learning.

The use of Robots is Already Common

As artificial intelligence improves and access to this technology becomes more available for businesses, there could be a shift towards the use of robots in the workplace for certain tasks. The Roomba is an example of a robot that helps with certain tasks that used to be only done by humans.

Instead of having to vacuum the floor every once in a while, the Roomba automatically does this for you and can be programmed to clean your home. There are other more heavy-duty robots like the robotic arms you might have seen in a video.

There’s no telling where we’ll be in the future but if the report is true, there might be a lot more robots in the workplace by 2025.


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