RespoLab Valve-less Engineered Face Masks


The RespoLab valve-less face masks boast a unique pleated PM0.3 filter which allows you exhale and inhale comfortably while in-use. A common complaint from most people who use other face mask variants is difficulty breathing.


Standard surgical face masks are being used by most people nowadays and while they are effective at blocking larger particle droplets, they’re unable to filter out smaller particles in the air and their loose-fitting design is prone to leakage. Add that to the fact that they’re only intended for single-use and you’ll find that they can be costly in the long run and bad for the environment.

The RespoLab mask is a valve-less face mask that solves all of these problems by sporting a more secure fit on your face to prevent leakage and featuring an innovative curved filter made of HEPA style H13 material capable of removing up to 99.97% of particles from the air. 

Everything aside from the mask’s filters is entirely washable and recyclable once it’s time to throw it out. Swapping out the filters is a straightforward process, and you’ll get 10 of them with every purchase of the RespoLab. If you’re particular about looks, you’ll be glad to know that the RespoLab face mask comes in 7 different colours to match various tastes. Give yourself an upgrade from all those single-use face masks and go with RespoLab.


  • XS: 8.5 – 10 cm
  • S/M: <12cm
  • L/XL: >12cm


  • Filter cover: 1.2mm recycled ABS with various colour options
  • Oronasal mask: TPE/TPU soft touch
  • Clip: Recycled ABS with various colour options available
  • Pleated filter: Replaceable H13 HEPA filter
  • Elastic straps: 10mm braided elastic polyester


  • Easy-breathe
  • Colour options
  • Eco materials
  • Perfect fit
  • Modular filter
  • UK made
  • Expert design
  • Low cost
  • Lightweight


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