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RTX 3090’s Become Even Rarer After 40 Cartons Stolen In China

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Gamers have been trying their hardest to upgrade their gaming rigs with the RTX 3090 since it was announced. It’s been an almost impossible task thanks the bots buying up units quicker than any human can.  Well, things just got worse.

MSI announced that in the early morning 40 cartons of 3090’s were stolen in broad daylight! With an MSRP of $1500 USD, and each carton holding 5 units, this heist is worth a hefty $300,000 USD!

MSI report that they believe it is an inside job due to the high level of security measures in place at their facility. The shopping area has constant 24-hour surveillance from both CCTV and on-the-ground security staff. With these measures in the place, the thieves must have had first-hand experience of the facility.

With such a high-value theft, MSI is offering a generous reward of approximately $15,000 USD to anyone with effective information!

This has left many customers frustrated and complaining that these companies must do more to protect their supply chains and deliver a better buying experience to their customers.


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