Safety First: 10 Must-Have Items For Motorcycle Users

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Riding a motorcycle gives one a sense of freedom and excitement. It’s fun, but safety should always be your number one priority! A bike doesn’t have the protection that a four-wheeled vehicle has. Thus, you should take the necessary measures to protect yourself.

Luckily, there are several items that you can use to protect yourself! In fact, this list covers ten must-haves for motorcyclists. Enjoy the cold breeze of air, freedom, and safety by using the items below.

1. Helmet 

The first item on this list is motorbike helmets. This item is an absolute must when riding a motorcycle.

Officials should rate the helmet as safe first before you purchase it. It should feel comfortable in your head and snug. Find the right size and shape for your head, to ensure your head’s protection in case of collision.

2. Eye Protection

Most helmets already have a full face mask to protect one’s eyes; however, invest in eye protection gear if your helmet doesn’t have this. As mentioned, motorcyclists aren’t covered by the same four walls of a car. You cannot help that foreign objects like dirt, insects, and trash might fly with the wind and irritate your eyes.

Thus, having a pair of goggles to keep your eyes safe is a must! Also, invest in UV-coated goggles to stay safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

3. First Aid Kit

In case of emergencies, it’s always a good idea to have a small first aid kit in your compartment. If you also take maintenance medicine, be sure to bring enough with you for a day or the duration of your ride.

Bring emergency medicine for allergies, headaches, fever, stomachaches, dysmenorrhea, and overall pain relief. The kit should also carry dressing materials for wounds. If you don’t know what other things should consist of a first aid kit, you can always go on Google and search.

4. Cellphone

Today, almost everyone has a cell phone. It is an item that we keep close to us wherever we go. But it has a significant importance when traveling on motorcycles. With a holder’s help, you can use this to look at the maps to reach your destination. You can also use it in emergencies, and you need to call your insurance or loved ones.

Be sure to bring extra power banks and chargers with you. Be sure that the charger can fit in any socket hole.

5. Jackets and Gloves

Protect your head, eyes, and also your body! Gloves are a must to protect yourself from roach rash and chances of chapping. Chapping can occur when the constant wind blows on one’s exposed knuckles. Gloves are also helpful in maintaining a secure grip in the handlebars, especially for individuals with sweaty hands.

Motorcycle jackets today come in various sizes, colors, styles, fabrics, and patterns! Arms can also get road rash if you don’t have protective jackets. Premium motorcycle fabrics consist of denim, leather, and canvas. These are usually made with extra padding in the critical areas like shoulder and elbow areas.

6. Rain Gear

Rain gear is a necessity during the wet season. Be sure to check the weather report before going out on your ride. Doing this will save you space in your compartment and get you wet during the rainy season. Today, different variations to rain gear can suit anyone’s style.

7. Knee Guards

Knee guards should be in every motorcyclist’s toolbox. It’s vital in one’s ride; however, many fail to recognize its importance. These items are essential to protect your knees if you experience an accident. It can save your knees from getting scars and bruises.

8. Tools

Tools are another essential for motorcyclists. If your tires or chains get loose, you wouldn’t want to travel to a mechanic to get it fixed. You can do it yourself by adding first aid tools to your compartment and at home.

You should purchase devices such as a tire-repair kit, flashlight, headlight bulb, zip ties, duct tapes, and many more!

9. Money

You never know what will happen on your trip, so always keep cash in your person. What if you run out of gas and can’t pay using your cards? Money is handy in these situations.

Credit and ATM cards may be of no use to you, so that you can leave these at home. Stash cash in different places in the compartments. It’s so that you won’t lose your money in one go.

10. Motorcycle’s License

The last item would be your driver’s license. Never go out of the house without this and the things mentioned above. A motorcycle’s license is a must-have to help identify you in checkpoints and other places.

In Conclusion

Remember that the best motorcycle is designed to protect you from a crash, the sun’s UV rays, debris, rain, wind, etc. Along with a good amount of sunscreen, your clothes should protect you from getting sunburns when you go for a ride.


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