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Samsung’s AR Glasses Leaked in New Video

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Apparently, the possibility that Samsung is switching back to the Android platform for their upcoming smartwatch isn’t the only piece of news churning in the tech giant’s rumour mill, as leaked concept videos of the brand’s augmented reality glasses are making their rounds all over the internet. While we can’t be 100% sure of the authenticity of the videos, they sure look like something that’d come from Samsung.

Samsung’s Glasses Lite

Popular leaker WalkingCat tweeted a couple of videos last Sunday showing what looks to be early concepts for two different wearables. The first was a minute-long video showing the intended capabilities of the Glasses Lite, which would allow you to play video games, watch movies, type out emails, and pick up video calls, all without the need for a computer monitor. It also comes with a “Sunglasses Mode” that dims the glasses’ lenses for when you want to use them outdoors.

Next Wearable Computing and AR Glasses

The second video is a lot shorter at a mere 30 seconds and introduces a 3D holographic version of the wearable called AR Glasses. The clip shows its user interacting with a hologram using his hands (kind of like Tony Stark in the Iron man movies) while having a virtual meeting with a few of his peers.

This could be Samsung’s vision of how AR Glasses can help create an AR office where you can fully explore digital spaces and have interactive full-body meetings with people from all over the world at the comfort of your own home or office.

While making these wearables a reality is still a ways away, especially considering the fact that Samsung has yet to officially announce any of these projects, the Glasses Lite seems the more likely of the two to see a release in the near future.

Samsung isn’t the only tech company exploring AR technology, with Microsoft’s HoloLens projects aiming for a similar result and rumours swirling about Apple showing interest in developing VR and AR glasses of its own. One thing is for certain though, it seems none of the heavy-hitters in tech want to miss out in case AR becomes the next big thing.


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