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Saxminica: A Portable Instrument That Fits In Your Pocket

A tiny wind instrument that has a rich sound of a saxophone 🎷😲
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If ever you’re looking for a new musical hobby and a diehard fan of smooth jazz, then you might want to get the Saxminica, the 3rd generation Saxmonica.

Since 2018, their first Saxmonica was a success and this pocket saxophone has made a couple of funding rounds and they are now in their fourth crowdfunding campaign with its mini version — the Saxminica.

If you’re not convinced that it does sound like a saxophone, they also did a quick comparison and they sound very similar.

Practice At Your Own Pace

As with any other instrument, the Saxminica takes time to get used to. Along the way, you’re going to learn to develop your breathing and mouth muscles. The Saxmonica YouTube channel gives you comprehensive breathing exercises as well as getting your groove on with these song tutorials.

You can also get other tips, tricks, and backing tracks through their included mobile app where you can develop your skills further regardless if you’re using either the Saxminica or Saxmonica.

Both these portable instruments play in B flat major scale. But if you’re going to get the Saxmonica, you’ll have additional tubes with more keys to play at your disposal.

While the original tube will let you play over the default C, G, and E minor scales, the first tube lets you play intuitively with these keys:

  • C major
  • B minor
  • F major
  • A minor
  • E major

While the second tube lets you play intuitively with these keys:

  • C major
  • A major
  • G major
  • E major

Record Your Own Sax Tracks Through Existing Software

Apparently, you can record live tracks as if you’re playing a real saxophone but in a more compact-sized form. As long as you have a good studio mic, you’re good to go. But you can also use your smartphone to record your tracks such as this iPhone sample Garageband setup with the Saxmonica.

If you find the Saxminica too small for your fingers, the bigger Saxmonica Gen 2 is also available on their Indiegogo page.

You can get the new Saxminica for only AU$33 or the bigger Saxmonica Gen 2 for only AU$84. As of this writing, they have secured over AU$6,500 worth of funding which is way beyond their AU$645 goal.


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