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Scorpion Solar Watch V3 Review – Stylish & Sun Powered!

On a sunny day, the Scorpion Solar Watch V3 can charge up a day’s worth of energy in just two minutes and reaches maximum charge in a little over five hours. On the other hand, the watch takes around 69 minutes to stock up a full day’s power when in a regular office setting.
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Solar Watch V3 Quick Review

Should you buy?

The Scorpion Solar Watch V3 is the perfect wristwatch for people who are done with having to switch out batteries or recharge their watch through a USB cable. It’s gorgeous to look at and remarkably durable, yet light enough that you wouldn’t mind wearing it all day. And the best part is it draws power from pretty much any light source available.



  • Draws power from a variety of light sources
  • Highly durable thanks to titanium and sapphire glass build
  • Classy design
  • Allows you to check the remaining battery


  • Is not waterproof

4Do you have a watch in your desk drawer gathering dust just because you keep forgetting to replace the battery? With the Scorpion Solar Watch V3, you’ll never have to worry about battery replacement ever again. It’s powered entirely by light so it pretty much charges itself no matter where you wear it and it’s exceptionally stylish to boot.

Problem is, it isn’t the only watch to attempt a similar approach, with a lot of big names having excellent entries in the solar watch market. The question remains, does it have what it takes to stand up to its bigger and more popular rivals? Let’s find out, in this Scorpion Solar Watch V3 review.

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Muhan Inc has been in the business of designing and developing wristwatches for nine years running, consistently improving upon their previous releases with each new model. The Scorpion Solar Watch V3 exclusively utilizes light as its power source, constantly charging no matter what kind of light it’s exposed to.

Its strap and frame are made out of high-grade titanium while its glass is composed of a sapphire dome crystal, making the entire timepiece remarkably sturdy and exceedingly elegant. It’s also delightfully lightweight, so wearing it around feels comfortable and effortless.

Solar Watch V3 on Wrist


Light Charging

While its name suggests that it works primarily through solar energy, the Solar Watch V3 can turn most forms of light into electricity. Solar remains the most potent, of course, with a mere two-minute charge time on a sunny day being enough for a whole day’s worth of juice. But even office lighting is enough to charge up the watch.

Titanium Body

Most of the Solar Watch V3 is crafted from premium titanium, making it rustproof, tremendously durable, and refreshingly lightweight.

Sapphire Glass

The watch’s crystal is made out of sapphire glass which is scratchproof and incredibly transparent.


It’s water-resistant up to 50 metres at 5 ATM. Unfortunately, the makers advise against placing the watch under prolonged contact with water or using the buttons when there are water droplets on the watch since it’s not entirely waterproof.

Craftsman Made

The Scorpion Solar Watch V3 was meticulously designed by an experienced watch craftsman who’s been honing his skills for over four decades. With a focus on accuracy and durability, you can count on this timepiece for years to come.

Solar Watch V3 Model Shot 2



Band 20 – 22mm (0.79 – 0.87 inches)
Watchface 37mm (1.46 inches)
Case 44 – 51.2mm (1.74 – 2.01 inches)
Thickness 13mm (0.5 inches)
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Model Info

Model No. SP3357 V3
Movement Japan Epson Solar Muscle VR43
Function Chronograph / Solar Movement / Date / Battery Check
Material All 5 Grade Titanium
Weight 97g (0.2 lbs)
Glass Sapphire Hardness Dome Glass
Hands A-Grade Mountain Hands with Swiss Lumi
Buckle 2 Pusher Titanium Sports Buckle
Water Resist Grade 5 ATM

Solar Watch V3 Model Shot 3


While most solar watches opt for a sporty look or digital system, the Solar Watch V3 boasts a classy all-metal design with a large face and 3 subdials. The bezel and dial come in a variety of stylish colours, like black or blue, though the standard titanium strap sports a cool gunmetal finish.

Looking for something a little more comfortable for everyday wear? The Solar Watch V3 includes a rubber strap that you can replace the titanium one with, in case you have an active day planned. You can also purchase a separate leather strap if you feel like trying out a different look.

Solar Watch V3 Model Shot

What’s it like to use?

The Solar Watch V3 may have its fair share of subdials and a couple of buttons, but setting it up is surprisingly easy. Just like most analogue watches, you can configure the time by pulling out the crown by two steps and spinning it clockwise till you get the time right. Setting the date works in the same way except you pull the crown by only 1 step.

As for the stopwatch, you work it by pressing the top button to start measuring and pressing it again to stop. Pressing the bottom button while the stopwatch is running causes it to reset.

The Solar Watch V3 also allows you to conveniently check its remaining battery which is a feature often absent in analogue watches. All you have to do is hold down the bottom button momentarily and the hand of the lower subdial will show you approximately how much juice the watch has left in the tank.

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Final Thoughts

The Solar Watch V3 is a wristwatch powered solely by light yet fit for everyday use. Whether it’s sunlight or a desk lamp, the watch constantly charges as long as it’s exposed to light, allowing you to use it day in and day out without the worry of having to swap out its battery.

It’s also elegantly crafted and sturdily built, thanks to its titanium body and sapphire glass crystal. It’s a bit of a shame that the watch isn’t waterproof and operating the buttons while the watch is wet can cause water damage. Minor misstep aside, the Scorpion Solar Watch V3 is a top-notch light-powered timepiece that’s a fair bit cheaper than much of its rivals.


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