Seven WordPress SEO Tips that are Underrated in 2020

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It goes without saying that WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular open-source website creation platform of this decade. You surely cannot speak of creating a free website without mentioning the name WordPress. Even as you embark on this journey on WordPress, SSL certificates play a crucial role in protecting your free website and even go a step further to getting you a decent ranking on Google.

This article will shed some light on the seven WordPress SEO tips you urgently need to employ to your site.

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1. Install the right SEO plugins

WordPress plugins are literally Lifesavers, they will optimize your site across many search engines including Google. Some popular plugins include:

    • Yoast SEO– This must be the most used plug-in on WordPress. But most people forget their keyword density and social optimization. Remember, these two play crucial roles in SEO
    • Really Simple SSL– This plug-in configures your site for SSL certificates automatically.
    • Analytify- This one displays Google analytics metrics right at the comfort of your dashboard.
    • WP rocket– This is a good plug-in because it has database cleanup, lazy load, heartbeat control and so many features

2. Set websites visibility

If you are not yet ready to go live on your website and you prefer to keep it low-key until you complete setting it up, WordPress comes fitted with an option for hiding sites from search engines. You may not know it, but this feature may be on long after completing setting up and that is why your website is not gaining any ranking. Make sure it is turned off for you to launch it and you will notice traffic streaming in

3. Use a mixture of internal and external links

As the saying goes no man is an island, the same applies to websites. If your website does not contain certain information that you think customers may require, then it’s only prudent for you to set up links that lead to a website that has the information. Sites that work hand in hand to achieve client satisfaction obtain higher search engine ranking. Setting up or adding a link on your WordPress site that leads from your page to another site will work wonders for you. Google will notice your efforts and reward you so.

4. Set permalinks

URLs are the extremely vital SEO signals search engines look on. Google uses them as a ranking factor and favors those sites with detailed permalinks. It is advised that you should make your URL as precise as you possibly can so that they can provide a sneak preview of what your page is all about. If they provide some information about the content on your page visitors tend to stay on your page longer. This will translate in higher search engine ranking and that would be great for your WordPress site.

5. Add a table of contents

Adding this piece of information is more important than you think. How would you feel reading a book with no table of contents? Clueless, right? You would not know where to start nor where to find the piece of information you are looking for.

The visitor to your site will be able to navigate easily through the content and, you will be able to arrange your content properly. It also has multiple SEO benefits such as:

  • It allows people to link to specific locations
  • It ultimately increases the time spent on your site
  • Google awards you with a feature called ‘jump to links’.

A table of contents is one of many WordPress UX tips that you can employ to improve your website performance.

6. Optimize your content

Upon inclusion of images, audio, and visual files to your website you should always ensure the balance between size and quality is just right. If you use low-quality photos and videos, they might load faster but they will not be attractive to the eye. Using good quality content will earn you a good ranking on Google because readers love engaging content that is easily understood.

Lastly, the use of SSL certificates should be on your priority list while looking for security features for your site. If you have question of purchasing an SSL certificate then, get them from SSL2BUY is the surest way of getting genuine certificates in this era of counterfeit goods and services.

7. Come up with Comprehensive Content

Ensuring that your blog posts cover all 360° is essential for clients. Doing things halfway will come attached with its own set of repercussions. Google tends to favor websites with an in-depth analysis of content they are publishing. It will cost you no harm to pay attention to the details and publish a well-researched post that will satisfy your clients.


Getting your site from WordPress to be ranked on Google is not an easy task. However, the silver lining lies in executing all the above suggestions and using an SSL certificate for website security. That will work for you in ways you could only imagine especially if you are setting up an ecommerce store. WordPress also has plugins that could aid you in this endeavor if used properly. Lastly, SEO skills take a while to master and some tips also take a while to work, so you should get to understand that good things take time.


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