Shopping For Outdoor Blinds? 6 Tips For Choosing The Right Motorised Blinds 

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Nowadays, people are starting to place value in their outdoor places. This is probably the reason why there are now plenty of tips and tricks that aim to spruce up outdoor living, one of which is the proper usage of outdoor blinds. Other than having a place for relaxation, outdoor blinds also offer a protective cover to your patio. Going for motorised outdoor blinds can help you achieve the appropriate balance in your outdoor design. 

The number of motorised blind options has increased as home automation has become more popular and affordable in recent years. Having more options is always a good thing, but it can be difficult to tell the good alternatives from the bad when there are so many choices. The best option is always to talk to your motorised blinds dealer to understand which solution is best for you and your home. Also, this article shares six tips for choosing the right motorised blinds for your home. 

1. Do your research 

Understandably, doing research can be quite a daunting task. However, if you’re aware of your options and the benefits and drawbacks of each, your first serious shopping trip won’t be as stressful. When you’re done and enjoying a good view from your outdoor space, you’ll be glad you did the research.  

If you’re unsure about a particular option, consulting with a professional is always a good idea because they have a wealth of experience and knowledge that you may not possess. The best recommendation is to look for reputable suppliers and installers in your area.  

Learn about the benefits of each style of motorised outdoor blinds, the longevity, and maintenance required for what’s best suited to your situation. Afterwards, you can seek the advice of experts to learn about their suggestions for your ideal situation and application. 

2. Determine a budget

To help you narrow down your alternatives, it’s a good idea to think about your budget. There’s a broad choice of brands and motor options to choose from, which caters to various budgets. So, it’s advisable to have a budget when you start your research and inquiries. This will make your search simpler and keep you from impulse choices and purchases.  

3. Choose ease of operation and durability

You should take the blinds’ functionality into account when making your pick. For example, when the weather unexpectedly changes, you have to deal with your outside blinds. What options do you have? Will you have to go around the house with a remote in hand, or are you able to connect them to your smart home system and give a single command?    

Your blinds must be simple to operate. There are plenty of ways to operate motorised blinds, such as linking to your smartphones or other smart home gadgets, wirelessly, or via a remote control instead of using wires. Smart home systems, like Amazon’s Alexa, gives you an opportunity to manage your blinds from wherever you are or from the comfort of your couch.  

 Quality and durable blinds are going to cost you more money than regular blinds, so make sure to factor that into your budget. But good-quality blinds will protect your home better and last longer than low-priced alternatives. Also, extreme weather won’t affect them because they won’t warp, fade, crack, or split like other materials might.  

4. Know how the motor is powered 

Battery, solar, plug-in, or wired motorised blinds are the most common. It’s a matter of personal preference and the size of the area you want to cover that determine which option is best for you. 

You don’t have to worry about wiring and electrical costs with battery-powered motors, making them the cheapest of the three options. Depending on how frequently you use the battery, you may not need to replace it for several years. Solar-powered motorised blinds are available from some manufacturers. If you’re interested in green technology, this is the best option for you. 

As for the Plug and Play motorised outdoor blind alternatives, they’re simple to use and don’t require any additional maintenance. You can arrange your outdoor furniture or side panels to hide the power cable, helping you retain your space’s aesthetics. Each blind has its power line connecting to a central hub inside your walls with wired options. This is a good alternative if you don’t like to see cables hanging around and prefer to keep them out of sight. 

5. Know the reputation of the manufacturer

It makes sense to go for long-lasting, high-quality items to get the most out of your outdoor blinds. As a result, it’s imperative to go for a reputable motorised blinds supplier. In addition, you want to have proper customer support where you can get after-sale services.  

Poor customer service and truly exceptional customer service are two different things. Even while it’s ideal that you won’t have to deal with customer service, you’ll want to be sure there’s enough assistance in place. Often, if other customers have had bad experiences with customer service, they’ll talk about it online. When you do a fast search on the internet, you should be able to see if there are any trends of poor customer service or products. 

6. Don’t forget to check the warranty

A warranty on your outdoor motorised blinds is necessary. It should be offered in clear terms and specified at the end of your job for both the blind and the installation of the blinds. A product’s warranty might vary substantially based on the quality of the motorised blinds you choose.  

Even if you buy high-quality products from reputable manufacturers, things can still go wrong at unexpected times. It’ll offer you a lot of peace of mind to know that in the event of anything, you’ll be fully protected. 


By deciding to get motorised blinds for your outdoor space, you’re making your home future-ready, which is a good thing to look forward to. However, not all motorised window treatments are the same. Consider the functions and characteristics that are vital to you before deciding on the motorised outdoor blinds you’ll end up installing.


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