Should You Get An International Phone Plan? 5 Signs You Need One

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Communication has become so much easier now, thanks to smartphones. You could talk to anyone anywhere in the world, wherever you’re sitting. You probably can’t ever leave home without bringing your phone with you.

Smartphones are also convenient to have when traveling. Take a snapshot of the view, send your loved ones a quick message, or check an online map if you get lost with just your phone. To get your phone’s network working properly abroad, however, you’ll need a phone plan that’s compatible with where you’re going.

If you travel frequently, you might need an international phone plan to save on cash and make as many calls as you want. Here’s a list of signs that you need to get one before your next flight:

1. You Have A Fixed Budget For Travel

Traveling requires a lot of money, so you don’t need to spend extra on phone fees. Depending on your current phone plan, you could be paying hundreds for a few calls while overseas on a holiday. Some might provide unlimited free texting and calling, while others will charge you as much as 20 to 25 cents per minute of calls.

Applying for an international phone plan that fits your budget can help solve your skyrocketing roaming fees. Having one allows you to stay constantly connected with everyone you’re communicating with. If you’re on frequent business trips, your company may provide you with a plan, but if not, you’ll need to look for one on your own.

Choose one with international calling plans with reasonable rates. Depending on your overseas destination, you may even find a plan that gives you unlimited messaging. A service provider might also offer different plans that fit any budget, so there’s no excuse for you to get one for your next trip abroad.

2. Your Roaming Fees Are Increasing

There’s nothing as frightening as returning home, only to see a massive phone bill in the mail. If you use your regular local plan abroad, you might be charged hundreds upon thousands of dollars on just a few calls and texts. You could avoid that by investing in an international phone plan.

Don’t forget to verify how much each message will cost when sent from abroad with your service provider. Also, check if their service works on every primary phone function. They could promise unlimited messaging, but the service may only work on voice calls once out of the country. Text messaging or sending and receiving data may have hidden fees, and you could be spending a lot on that.

Always ask your chosen service provider for all their options for international roaming, and make sure to choose a plan that’ll significantly decrease your phone bill.

3. You’re Traveling To Places Without Public Wi-Fi

Not every country gives free public Wi-Fi access, and that’s something you need to realise. When you travel to a more remote place or cut off from the big cities, you should expect weaker Wi-Fi connections. Of course, to remedy that, you’ll use your phone’s mobile data. But, if you’re not running on an international phone plan, your service provider will charge you higher fees every time you browse the Internet.

Technology has changed the way people travel so much that a fluctuating Wi-Fi signal may cause unwanted interruptions within the day. If you’re working while overseas, you’ll need a consistent connection to stay updated and productive. A decent plan allows you to access all your favourite websites and apps no matter where you are in the world for a reasonable fee.

4. Your Contacts Don’t Have Other Messaging Apps

Even with the various app choices you can use to communicate with others, you can’t expect everyone to have an account in all or any of them. Many people still prefer to contact others the traditional way—through calls and texts.

The bright side to using your phone’s built-in messaging apps is that you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to use it. However, you’ll require money to message your contacts while overseas. You can have unlimited call plans with an international phone plan that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Different countries also have their own phone network providers. Your current phone plan may be incompatible in the country you’ll visit. By having a plan that works wherever in the world you are, you can contact anyone without worrying if your message gets to them or not. So, any time your family or colleagues check up on you, you could update them as soon as possible.

5. You’re Traveling Abroad For The First Time

If it’s your first time overseas, you’ll need to include the phone plan in your budget. Fortunately, you have two options: one is a postpaid plan, and the other is a prepaid plan. The latter often comes as a burner phone with a sim card. There’s a fixed number of messages you can send with this one, so you can control how many calls and texts you make. But, if you prefer a long-term plan with unlimited data, postpaid may be the way to go for an international phone plan. You’ll have a couple of offers to choose from, too.

In Conclusion

It seems almost impossible not to stay updated with everything around you. With a smartphone in hand, you, figuratively, have the whole world in your palm. But, a phone is merely a block of plastic and steel, if not for its connectivity.

And, in the world now, connecting and communicating is crucial, especially when you’re oceans apart. Even if you find yourself in another country, there’s no reason for you not to contact others or surf the Web. Thus, add a working international phone plan to your travel budget and your list of things to bring, so you can enjoy your trip without fear of getting disconnected.


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