Should you get yourself a motorcycle tracker?

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Nowadays, a lot of people who own motorcycles talk about getting themselves a GPS tracker. At the same time, loads of people think about whether or not they really need it. Some of them may say that this is just another scam, but many people believe that this is necessary.

Well, if you care about your motorcycle’s safety, the answer is definitely yes – you should get yourself one. A motorcycle tracker will definitely help you to deal with potential thefts. But that is not the only reason why you should get it. Continue reading this article, and we will talk more about whether or not you should get yourself a motorcycle tracker.

Well, we already mentioned the first reason to get this tracker. A large number of motorcycles are stolen each year. It takes a lot of money and nerves to find someone responsible or even get yourself a new vehicle. You may believe that you are definitely safe from theft because you only keep your motorcycle at home. Well, the sad truth is that most of the thefts happen at home and not in public places.

This is the biggest and the main reason why you need to consider getting yourself a motorcycle tracker. When thieves steal your stuff, it is very hard to react on time. Trackers have features like movement and shock alerts. So, when unauthorized movement is detected, an alarm will be delivered to your phone. Not only will you be notified of the move, but you will also be given a link to Google Maps.

All you have to do is click on the link to see the GPS motorcycle device’s location. Of course, the shock alert works in the same way, and you will be notified right away if it is activated.

It is also important to know that some companies offer a discount on insurance if you have a motorcycle tracker. This obviously happens because of the fact that you have an additional layer of security. So, if you are looking for a really great deal, this might be a big benefit for you. Even if you think that GPS trackers are too expensive and not worth the money, consider the fact that these trackers might give you a discount on insurance, and you will definitely get the money, which you spent on the tracker, back.

Anyway, before getting a tracker, you should ensure that it has some of the main features. Firstly, it should be immune to GPS jamming. Before stripping down your motorcycle, professional thieves will keep it in some safe place with jamming equipment to preserve their haul.

Also, you should definitely consider alternative power sources because this can be immediately disabled if the tracker’s main source of power is the bike battery. Definitely make sure that weatherproofing is included.

Most of the trackers are designed to be used inside cars, where the climate is dry. As you may already know, motorcycles are a different scenario, with exposure to extreme weather. Of course, there are more features to look for. Definitely search for the one that messages you alerts if your motorcycle is stolen. Also, make sure that it has movement and tamper alarm. Only all of these features together will help you to keep your motorcycle as safe as possible. Also, make sure that everything is installed properly and check it every few weeks just to be sure.

So, if you are still considering whether or not you should get a motorcycle tracker, hopefully, this article helps you. Anyway, most of the people’s answer is yes. Do not forget that this is a very powerful tool when we talk about keeping your motorcycle safe from thefts.

Of course, your tracker needs to have main features, but many of them are really good and worth the money. And if you care about money a lot, remember the fact that insurance companies offer a discount if you have a tracker. So this might be another great benefit for you and maybe help you make your final decision.

Anyway, always make sure that everything is installed properly and check it often to make sure it still works the way it should.


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