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Silent Hills For PS5 Reportedly Being Worked on by Hideo Kojima

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After some rumours came out this year that Kojima said that won’t push through with continuing Silent Hills for the next-gen consoles, rumours have surfaced once again this month about the cancelled project from six years ago.

Over the weekend, Comicbook was able to pick up a claim from Moore’s Law Is Dead, an industry insider on YouTube that Hideo Kojima is working on Silent Hills together with Konami and Sony. 

Incoming Silent Hill series reboot? 

Last March, there were also sources saying that Silent Hill creature designer Masahiro Ito is working on the Silent Hill series reboot together with Japan Studio which was later on denied by a representative over at Konami

Robert Serrano, a tech enthusiast, teased last October 31 over Twitter that the reboot might be revealed at The Game Awards 2020 next month.

It is still unclear if we will get official teasers of both the Silent Hill series and Kojima’s cancelled Silent Hills project. However, after the recent rumour came about, he also mentioned that the game that Kojima is working on may not be related to Silent Hill or another Konami project.

Silent Hills Making Noise Again After 5 Years 

We’ve seen popular horror games this year such as Phasmophobia make rounds on the internet having an average daily player count of 40,000 players over at Steam. Also, Kojima’s Death Stranding also garnered a lot of positive reviews this year. 

Unfortunately, gamers who recently bought a PS5 and want to revisit for the Silent Hills P.T. (playable teaser) won’t be able to download it because of Konami’s recent email to GamesRadar that P.T. won’t be playable on the PS5 despite having backward compatibility with PS4 games.

However, there is still gameplay footage of the P.T (playable teaser) for Silent Hills for those who are interested in watching it. Take these rumours as a grain of salt. However, if these PS5 exclusive rumours are true, then we might see Sony emerge once again in the console war.

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