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SIRUI Wows Camera Enthusiasts With 24mm Anamorphic Lens

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As 2021 kicks off, SIRUI has been grinding out when it comes to delivering affordable camera lenses for professional photographers.

They have added a 24mm anamorphic lens into their lineup and they’ve recently released some test footage on what these lenses would perform in taking cinematic shots.

SIRUI has been known for having successful crowdfunding in their last projects starting with their M1 & P1 Stabilizer which almost had $300,000 in funding. Later on, their last two anamorphic lenses, the 35mm and 50mm, had over $3 million funding combined.

Their Indiegogo funding for the 24mm has already broken the $1 million barrier and the features of this lens are truly breathtaking as we go through why this lens is very much worth getting this year.

The 24mm Anamorphic Lens Provides More Flexibility

If you’re looking for a high-quality lens to add to your collection, this may be it. While the SIRUI anamorphic lenses lineup delivers a 2.4:1 widescreen look, the sizes have their own advantages.

The 50mm is best used in portrait shots while the 35mm is best used for harmonizing the subject and the background. 

Their new 24mm anamorphic lens has the best viewing angle for it can provide a 68.8 degree while the 35mm and 50mm provide 49.81 degrees and 36.96 degrees respectively. With its wider angle, you can take a lot of shots especially landscapes if you are taking cinematic views.

This lens also gives you more control of the brightness and sharpness via its aperture range from F/2.8 to F/16. The SIRUI 24mm can also support a wide variety of DSLR and mirrorless cameras such as Canon, Sony, Olympus and more.

Get This Lens For A Limited Time For Less Than $1,000

Rarely do you see a camera lens at this price point, as they are selling it at a super early bird price of $749.

If you’re a professional photographer and you want to get the 35mm and the 50mm lenses from SIRUI, they also have an option to get all three lenses for only $2,098 while supplies last.


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