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Smart Speaker Can Steal Parents’ Voices to Read Stories to Kids

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  • Smart speaker can copy parents’ voices to read bedtime stories to kids.
  • The smart speaker uses deepfake technology.
  • The smart speaker is packed with songs, nursery rhymes, and even fairytales.

Some parents might argue that one of the hardest parts of having children is having to put them to sleep again and again by reading them a story. If you’re too tired to read a story five times a day, this smart speaker can imitate your voice and read the story for you.

Smart technology aims to make our lives easier and this is exactly what this smart speaker is attempting to do. Although some might be a bit cautious about the device copying your voice, others could say that it could be a game-changing device for parents.

AI-Powered Smart Speaker can Imitate Parents’ Voices

An AI-powered smart speaker by Takara Tomy can imitate a parent’s voice and read children’s books, fairytales, and stories to help a little less weight off their shoulders. The device uses a type of technology that has gained a questionable reputation.

The smart speaker uses deepfake tech and if you’ve heard of it, you’ve probably heard of the negative things that have happened regarding its use. In one incident, a cybercriminal was able to steal $337,333 AUD by using deepfake to imitate the voice of a company’s CEO.

Deepfake was also used in another incident where the stakes were much higher. As part of an elaborate scheme, the technology was used as part of a heist that resulted in criminals getting away with $49 million AUD.

Now, how can a technology that has the potential to be extremely dangerous be used for kids? Well, Takara Tomy has found that some parents struggle when it comes to putting their kids to sleep unless they read a bedtime story or maybe even sing.

The Smart Speaker is Designed for Entertainment Purposes

It’s quite common for kids to only fall asleep when they can either sense or feel their parents or when they hear them. The latter can be solved with the help of Takara Tomy.

Let’s say it’s nap time and you still have a lot of things to do, the smart speaker will help you put your child to sleep by imitating your voice when reading them a bedtime story.

Coemo, the name of the smart speaker, is designed for entertainment purposes only and more specifically children’s entertainment. The device comes with 60 stories from around the world which include nursery rhymes, Grimms’ fairytales, songs, and even Japanese folktales.

The technology, however, doesn’t just limit itself to entertainment, it can also be a very powerful reflection tool as it can read scripts or texts in your voice while you listen. Although it does sound a little weird, you might want to try listening to yourself while relaxing and reflecting.

It’s important to note that with its limited technology, Coemo won’t be perfect but at least close enough to emulate how the parent speaks. The smart speaker will start selling on June 14 at the price of $146 AUD.


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