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SmartPlate Review: Food Tracking For Smarter Portion Control

The SmartPlate utilizes three separate cameras along with a few load sensors to accurately measure and analyze whatever food you place on its tray. The results are then sent to your smartphone app for you to track and review.
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The SmartPlate is an incredibly useful – albeit pricey – little dish that can assist you greatly on your quest to achieve an overall healthier lifestyle. Its advanced recognition system makes tracking your meals easier than ever and the app’s plethora of extra features will prove to be invaluable for a lot of people.



  • Analysis accuracy is remarkably accurate
  • App is filled with tons of great features
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • Subscription model is off-putting

Having a tough time keeping track of the calories you consume throughout the day? We don’t blame you. Figuring out the precise calories of each of the ingredients in your meal and then jotting them down in a journal day in and day out can be quite a chore. To streamline the entire process and make eating healthy a whole lot easier, creator Anthony Ortize came up with the SmartPlate.

This intelligent plate accurately figures out the calories in your meals whether they’re composed of single ingredients or mixed foods. Moreover, it measures food weight and commits all of the information it gathers to memory. In this SmartPlate review, we’re going to find out just how accurate the plate really is and if it really manages to make calorie counting a simple endeavour.

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The purpose of SmartPlate is to help you develop healthier eating habits by assisting you in controlling your food portions and calorie intake. It achieves this by utilizing weight sensors and advanced object recognition software which also tracks all of the information from your meals.

The entire mechanism is composed of custom-designed scales and trays that are elevated through a sophisticated app that also includes some excellent diet plans and a simple way to monitor your weight and progress. By promoting personal accountability, the SmartPlate looks to give you the tools you need to eat better.


Advanced Food Tracking

Through the app’s sophisticated recognition and monitoring software and the scales and cameras located on the device’s tray, SmartPlate is able to identify, analyze, and weigh meals with remarkable precision. That way you can easily keep track of the food and calories you’re taking in so you can maintain a better diet.

Intelligent Smartphone App

The SmartPlate’s companion app works with both Android and iOS-based smartphones and includes a personalized meal planner, individual coaching programs, health and fitness goals, tons of healthy recipes, and more.

Near-perfect Nutrition Accuracy

The SmartPlate is able to provide you with a complete nutritional analysis of the meal you’re about to eat within just five seconds and it guarantees an accuracy rate of up to 99%.

Personalized Recipes and Meal Plans

The smartphone app offers a healthy amount of delicious recipes that cater to various different diets, such as Keto, blood glucose control, low carb, custom macros, diabetes maintenance, plant-based, and more.

SmartPlate with App


Total Plate Surface Area 10”
Maximum Weighing Capability 3kg
Connectivity Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
Colour White
Tray Information BPA/BPS free, non-stick, heat resistant, and microwave and dishwasher safe.


Build & Design

The SmartPlate is made up of a base that has the weighing sensors attached to it and three separate trays that come together to form a full plate. One of the trays makes up half of the plate’s surface area while the remaining ones are two quarter-sized pieces. You’ll receive a lid to cover up your food in case you want to keep it warm or if you want to move your food around.

The entire apparatus is primarily white in colour though you will have a choice regarding what hue you want the highlights to be. Design-wise, the SmartPlate doesn’t do anything exceptional but it is elegant enough to look at while still remaining very functional. The trays themselves are BPA/BPS-free so they’re safe for kids to use and they can also handle being loaded into a dishwasher or microwave. Bear in mind, however, that only the trays are microwave/dishwasher safe and you should avoid sticking the base in there along with it.

SmartPlate Plate

What’s it like to use?

All you have to do to get started with the SmartPlate is place your food on the tray, open up your phone and fire up the app, connect to the plate via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, then snap a picture. The plate itself will do all of the heavy lifting, analyzing the food in a matter of seconds and returning the results to your smartphone app. You’ll receive a nutritional breakdown that includes calories, carbs, protein, etc.

It doesn’t just work for individual foods like apples or oranges either. It can also accurately detect mixed meals, like pasta dishes and salads. The nifty companion app also lets you effortlessly keep track of your meals and calories and even includes some great recipes for trying to keep your weight and health in check.

Final Thoughts

SmartPlate is a fantastic device for kickstarting your fitness and health goals, allowing you to properly monitor your food and calorie intake while following an effective meal plan. Its ability to accurately weigh and analyze food is phenomenal and bound to be a great help in anyone’s path towards a healthier lifestyle.

The companion app is incredibly useful as well since it offers excellent tracking options and it’s chock-full of great recipes no matter what kind of diet you’re on. It doesn’t come cheap, however, as the SmartPlate itself already comes with a pretty hefty price tag and that’s without considering the $29/month subscription you’ll have to shell out if you want to receive “smart nutritional strategies”.

At the end of the day, if you have the willpower to stick to a proper meal plan and health goal and can afford to pick up a plate for yourself, the SmartPlate is a great way to help keep your eyes on the healthy prize.


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