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SOLTEC SMS Review – A Smarter Sleep Solution?

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Soltec SMS Quick Review


SOLTEC SMS allows you to wear a sleep lab on your wrist. So you can measure, analyze, and keep track of your sleep quality no matter where you are. Since SOLTEC is a full sleep management system, it will also provide you exactly what you need to fall asleep, stay asleep, and experience a deeper and real restorative sleep. No hassle and no guesswork.



  • Uses established and professional sleep lab metrics
  • Naturally guides you to Delta sleep
  • Frequencies generated depend on your personal data


  • Expensive

Are you having trouble getting the quality sleep you need to keep a healthy mind and body? Well, here’s something you may want to try: SOLTEC SMS. It is a sleep management system that is engineered to help you achieve and maintain the quality sleep you need to live a better life. How? Let’s find out here.

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Sleep plays a huge role in having a healthy mind and body. But due to many reasons, a lot of us still struggle to get the quality sleep we need. This is why there’s a huge demand for sleeping aid products. We have even reviewed some of them like the super comfy NightBuds and the Sleep i Mask. We have also seen white noise machines, weighted blankets, smartwatches, lights, and tons of applications. But there’s nothing quite like SOLTEC.

SOLTEC is a complete system that collects, stores, and analyzes your sleeping data. Using all this information, a machine will then deliver just the right magnetic frequencies to reach delta sleep – which is the most important and restorative stage of sleep. Then through an app, you will be provided with a visual presentation of your sleep, so you can see when and how the system enhanced your sleeping experience.

Before, to achieve such a process and to understand a person’s sleep quality and brainwaves while sleeping, big machines were necessary. But with the SOLTEC, all you’ll need is a wrist wearable to identify sleep stages and determine what a person needs to achieve the best sleep possible. Now, you can carry and wear a sleep lab on your wrist.

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SOLTEC has three components, each one serving a very specific and important purpose. Here’s a quick rundown on all of them:


Z-TRACK is a smart sleep wearable that goes on your wrist. It measures and keeps track of your pulse rate variability and correlates with built-in motion analysis to accurately understand your sleep. It also monitors your blood oxygen and snoring levels to assess disturbances in your breathing. All data collected will then be stored and sent to the app.

Now, unlike any other sleeping aid, the Z-TRACK works together with the Z-GEN in real-time. During the entire night, it will communicate and instruct what conditions and changes are needed so you can have the perfect environment to sleep better.

Z-GEN Magnetic Conditioner

Z-GEN is a device that delivers low strength magnetic frequencies as you are sleeping. Depending on the data collected by the Z-TRACK, it will generate the frequencies associated with your various stages of sleep. This will guide you to achieve Delta sleep and a better night’s rest.


The company’s app is responsible for pulling your data and securely transferring it to the Sleep Data Cloud. It will also allow you to access all your information, presenting it in clear and more understandable charts. This way, you can keep track of your overall sleep time, sleep efficiency, and time in delta and see whether you are doing better.


  • Sensors: Photo Diode, Red/Infrared LED, Green LEDs
  • Accelerometer
  • Microphone
  • High-speed microprocessor
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
Application Metrics
  • Asleep time
  • Sleep latency
  • Time in Delta
  • Time in REM
  • Sleep efficiency
  • O2SE index

SOLTEC SMS offers some useful features through its application. There’s the O2SE Index that reflects your snoring events, which are associated with the drops in your blood oxygen levels per hour of sleeping time. You are also able to see your time asleep while in Delta as well as in REM. Through the app, you can see your Z-TEST sleeping score too. This will give you a better idea of how well you are sleeping each night.

Take note, however, that most of these features and metrics can also be seen in the Fitbit Versa and Sleepon’s Go2sleep. That said, without the Z-GEN, Z-TRACK is similar to a lot of wearable sleep trackers.

Soltec SMS Sleep App and Band


So how much would a whole SOLTEC sleep managing system cost you? Well, a lot. Since it comprises different components, its price is naturally higher than any sleeping aid device you might have tried. With an original price of US$1,249, SOLTEC is unfortunately very expensive. On top of that, the company also charges a subscription fee of US$9.99 per month. This will cover your data storage, continual analysis, protocol refinement, and research. It also covers the personalization of the individual protocols used in the Z-GEN.

The good news is, SOLTEC is currently offered at a much cheaper price on Kickstarter. From US$1,249, prices will start at US$750. Plus, the monthly subscription is also waived for a year. But hurry since slots are limited.

If you’re still unsure about SOLTEC’s entire system, you may start monitoring and assessing your sleep first with the Z-TRACK. For only US$149, you can see how well or how bad you are sleeping. This is cheaper than buying a Fitbit Versa 3 (US$230) and not that pricey compared to the Go2sleep (US$129).

Back SOLTEC on KickstarterSuper Early Bird Deals Available!


What’s great about the SOLTEC SMS is that it’s a complete system. Not only does it help you fall asleep and stay asleep, but it is also designed to deepen your sleep. So with it, you can wake up feeling great, energized, and ready for the busy day ahead of you. Sure, it’s pricey and a lot more expensive than most sleeping aid devices around. But if you are really having problems in sleeping and none of the other devices are working for you, then SOLTEC SMS may just be worth your time and money.

Don’t need the entire system and simply looking for a sleep tracker? The Z-TRACK is also one of the better choices. It’s engineered specifically for sleep, so you can expect thorough and precise sleep metric results.


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