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Sony State of Play: Returnal Gameplay Looks Promising

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Sony treated fans with a gaming showcase this week starting with much awaited Returnal gameplay. This is an upcoming roguelike sci-fi third-person shooter that debuted last year for the PlayStation 5.

Now were getting more in-depth gameplay in this year’s State of Play.

Recent Gameplay Footage Left Us Hanging

Sony State of Play started off with the Housemarque presentation of the recent Returnal gameplay and it left us with more questions.

But they did show us enough that this isn’t just a game where you will go on an endless loop fighting random hordes of monsters. They still had that fast-paced feel that we get to see from them since they were also the ones behind the games Resogun and Nex Machina.


Returnal immerses you into a shape-shifting planet in search for answers. This game also promises huge replayability, similar to games we’ve seen in games such as Dead Cells or even Hades.

The dev team gave us a glimpse of how to improve Selene’s abilities through discovering artifacts in the procedurally generated world. They also followed it by other game clips that left us hanging after watching the Atropos gameplay below.

Will Returnal Contribute To The Increasing Popularity For Arcade?

Housemarque did experience struggles with maintaining the hype when it comes to creating arcade and shoot ’em up games. In an old press release, they claimed that it was the “end of an era” for arcade and they were ready to move into something different.

Recently, the Capcom Arcade Stadium released for the Nintendo Switch bringing the nostalgia of retro gaming back to consoles and we might see a resurgence of this genre if this trend continues this year.

Will this PlayStation 5 exclusive be enough to pull players back into the shooter arcade genre? It’s going to be tough since most people have flocked into other popular shooter titles such as Fortnite and  Valorant.

But Returnal may be one of those games that can put Housemarque back on the gaming landscape so we’ll see what happens once the game releases on April 30.



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