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Sony Works on PS5 Upgrade with the ‘Pro Controller’

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Article Summary
  • Sony is trying to upgrade the PS5 by launching a Pro Controller.
  • The Pro Controller is expected to come with replaceable parts.
  • The global chip shortage still has a significant effect on console supply.

The rumor mill is pointing towards Sony potentially planning to release a new controller for the PlayStation 5 with swappable parts. The new controller is expected to be called the PS5 “Pro Controller.”

When the PlayStation 5 first launched, a lot of people struggled to buy the console due to massive demand but a lack of supply. A few of those that were able to buy the console, however, started complaining about certain functionalities with the controller.

Rumor Says Sony Plans to Launch a PS5 Pro Controller

Videogames remain one of the strongest industries in the world with even the likes of Apple acknowledging its power by providing Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons support to the iOS 16. Both the Sony PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X are two of the most popular consoles of today.

Although the PS5 remains extremely popular, a lot of gamers have been looking for a solution to its controller. A rumor is spreading that Sony will be releasing a Pro Controller that would allow players to replace certain parts.

This means that instead of having to replace the whole controller itself, players would be able to upgrade only the certain parts that they want. This would allow players to save a significant amount while providing a more personalized gaming experience.

The rumor has yet to be officially acknowledged but as per reports, Sony could be including interesting features like removable analog sticks, trigger stops, and rear buttons. Of course, the new technology could also include software upgrades.

Little is known as to whether the chip shortage will affect the supply of the Pro Controllers. If the new controllers are launched in limited quantities, this could also have an effect on its price, especially with scalpers in the picture.

Global Chip Shortage and Its Effect on Consoles

Due to the global chip shortage, the supply of the PS5 restock has been affected with buyers struggling to get a piece of the console. The same is true not just for Sony’s console but also for the Microsoft Xbox Series X and a number of other electronics.

The limited supply, however, has created a lucrative opportunity for scalpers to buy up any console for sale at the retail price and then sell it again online for a higher tag. This particular situation has been one of the most prominent when it comes to buying a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S online.

Due to high resell prices, a lot of gamers that would have wanted to buy the PS5 are still waiting for their shot to purchase it officially at online retailers for SRP. Amazon, Walmart, and a number of other online retailers have decided to provide a solution to help with the scalper situation on certain products like consoles.


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