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Stardew Valley 1.5 Includes A Beach Farm And Many More

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2020 has been a good run for indie games and this week, Eric Barone, the creator of Stardew Valley has shared updates regarding the 1.5 update and it will include an “Advanced Game Options” as well as a new beach farm.

Last month, he also assured fans that the game update is now in the “home stretch” and since it’s a very big update, here are some of the features that we’ll expect once it comes out before the end of the year.

A Dive In The Advanced Game Options

In his recent tweet, the creator shared a number of options available for this new feature which will include the player’s ability to modify community center bundles as well as control mine rewards.

There are also checkboxes where you have the option to spawn monsters on the farm and “Guarantee Year 1 Completable”. One user asked if monster spawns can also be deactivated on the Wilderness Farm and Barone confirmed. 

The Guarantee Year 1 Completable option ensures the player of receiving a red cabbage seed. As per Barone, the red cabbage in the current version cannot be obtained in year 1 except by random chance at the traveling merchant which will not likely happen.

One user also asked what the “Remixed” bundles meant and Barone replied that it’s going to be a randomized mixture of new and old bundles. Choosing “Normal” will give the player the classic Stardew Valley set of bundles.

Split-Screen Co-Op Might Be The Most Exciting Feature Yet

Fans are still excited with the fact that this update will include split-screen in which you could play up to four players. This update could even bring back the popularity of couch co-op gaming. 


Games like Mario 8 Kart Deluxe and Outward have implemented this well so far and it would be nice to see more games support this type of gameplay.

If Stardew Valley implements this well, then the other games might be open to exploring this aspect in gaming especially if the gamer’s want to make the most out of their money’s worth. 


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