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Steam Launches Their Winter Sale This Week

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With Christmas just around the corner, players are treated to another Winter Sale courtesy of Steam and expect it to be around two weeks of game splurging.

While Epic Games recently had a quick freebie giveaway of Alien: Isolation this week, Gabe Newell already has a reputation of putting out the best deals gamers dream of usually ranging from 40% to even 90% if you get lucky. 

Popular games such as Death Stranding had their 50% sale with a Cyberpunk 2077 crossover update with also the possibility of remaining on sale for the rest of the year because of this announcement. 

Here’s what to look out for and what you can do should you decide on getting your favorite games.

Add The Games In Your Steam Wishlist

The great thing about adding your games in the wishlist is that Steam notifies you if the game that your eyeing suddenly goes on sale. Some games could even go on sale at any given moment.

There are quality games that go on sale during the middle of the week while some get a Free Weekend trial before you decide on purchasing the game. 

We’ll see if underrated indie games like Hades could go on sale once again after silently getting awards from every game media outlet. 


However, don’t sleep on other platforms as well because they are also putting out their own versions of game sales as they also try to be competitive to get your attention.

Watch Out For Game Bundles

Aside from the massive discounts that you can get from individual games, you could also look out for bundles especially if you have a favorite game franchise. An example would be the Batman: Arkham Collection that can insanely drop to 75% off in their last sale.

Load up your wallets and be on a lookout at your wishlist when your chosen games go on a massive discount in this year’s Steam Winter Sale.


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