Stellar Photo Recovery Review

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Ever mistakenly delete an important photo or audio file and try every trick in the book to retrieve it just to end up in utter disappointment? Stellar Photo Recovery promises to recover not only lost pictures but all sorts of compromised multimedia from a variety of storage mediums, and it offers a bunch of nifty tools to do it.

In this Stellar Photo Recovery review, we’re going to see for ourselves whether or not this program really is capable of getting you back your deleted pictures, videos, and audio files, or if it’s just another recovery tool that can’t live up to its promises.

What is Stellar Photo Recovery?

As its name suggests, Stellar Photo Recovery is a form of retrieval software that helps you get back lost or deleted data – particularly photo, video, and audio files – be it from lost partitions, crashed operating systems, or virus damage. While Stellar does have solutions for both individuals and businesses, their photo recovery software is aimed more towards personal use.

Stellar Photo Recovery offers a free edition as well as several different tiers of paid versions, each with an increasing number of tools and features relative to the price. While the free plan does come with all the standard recovery tools, it’ll only allow you to recover a maximum upto 10 files, so it won’t be much help if you’re looking to retrieve heftier files. For larger amounts of data, you’ll definitely need to opt for one of the paid plans.

System Requirements

Processor Intel-compatible (x86, x64)
Operating System Windows 10, 8.1, 8 & 7
Memory 4 GB minimum (8 GB recommended)
Hard Disk 250 MB for installation files

Price and Plans

Stellar Photo Recovery’s paid subscriptions start at $29.99 for the base edition, while the priciest plan will set you back $49.99 in exchange for some extra bells and whistles. Let’s take a look at what each plan has to offer:

Standard Plan – $39.99

The standard variant of Stellar Photo Recovery allows you unlimited recovery of photos, videos, and music files. This plan supports data retrieval from all types of storage media and works with pretty much any major brand of camera.

Professional Plan – $49.99

This is Stellar Photo Recovery’s bread and butter, including everything the standard package has to offer while adding a few powerful extra features to boot. The Professional plan lets you repair corrupted photos and is even able to dig up thumbnails of severely compromised picture files. If you dabble a lot in picture editing or just keep tons of photos on your hard drive, then the Professional plan is well worth the extra 10 bucks.

Premium Plan – $69.99

Stellar’s Premium subscription is an improved version of the Professional plan, adding the ability to simultaneously repair multiple corrupt or distorted videos to its already impressive repertoire of features. If you do a lot of work with pictures and video files, then the Premium plan is the obvious way to go.


Recovers a Wide Range of File Types

Stellar Photo Recovery is able to effectively retrieve an impressive variety of file formats, which include all known and unknown file types of photos, videos & audio. If it’s a multimedia file, Stellar can save it.

Work With All Sorts of Storage Media

This program has no trouble recovering data from any kind of storage medium. This includes hard drives, SSDs, and all types of memory cards and USB drives, just to name a few. It can even retrieve data from storage drives that are RAW or inaccessible. Moreover, it supports various popular camera brands, like Nikon, Sony, Canon, GoPro, and Insta360.

Customize Your Photo Recovery Experience

Stellar Photo Recovery allows you to scan entire hard drives or pinpoint specific locations and folders in search of your deleted or lost multimedia files.

Deep Scan

Need to get back important photos or videos from corrupt drives? While using Quick Scan can help uncover lost files in common areas, utilizing Deep Scan will allow you to retrieve harder to detect files, such as those found in corrupted hard drives.

Preview Before You Recover

Want to know exactly which files you’re recovering? Stellar Photo Recovery includes a preview feature that gives you a quick glimpse of the files that you’re trying to retrieve, allowing you to take a look at pictures, videos, and audio files before you decide to have them recovered.

Different Ways To Preview Scan Results

There are three ways for you to preview scan results: File Type, Tree View, and Deleted List. File Type groups the data into photos, videos, and audio. Tree View takes you straight to the file location. Deleted List, as its name suggests, only lets you view or recover deleted files.

Save Scan and Resume Recovery

The scanning and recovering process can often take a long time, especially in the case of Deep Scans. To save you a lot of wasted time and extra effort, Stellar Photo Recovery allows you to save the status of your recovery and pick up where you left off at another time, eliminating the need to start the process all over again.

4K Hard Drive Data Recovery

One of Stellar Photo Recovery’s latest features is the ability to restore photos, audio, and videos from the more modern 4K hard drive. These types of storage mediums store files in larger sectors. No matter the formatting type (FAT32, ExFAT, HFS+, NTFS, or APFS), this program will have no trouble recovering your lost files for you.


Stellar Photo Recovery offers the general user a simple and straightforward way of retrieving lost or corrupted photos, videos, or audio files through the use of some powerful tools. Quick Scans are completed in a short time, as advertised, though utilizing the Deep Scan feature can be a far lengthier matter.

Whichever feature you decide to use, the program’s user-friendly interface is remarkably easy to navigate and search results can be effortlessly filtered out in order for you to pick exactly which multimedia files you want to recover. The Deep Scans sometimes feel like they take an eternity and the higher-end paid plans can be quite pricey, but if you’re looking for an excellent multimedia recovery tool that requires very little effort to use, Stellar Photo Recovery is the way to go.


  • User-friendly UI
  • Excellent multimedia recovery tools
  • Safe solution for SD card data recovery
  • Quick scans are indeed quite quick


  • Deep Scan can take quite a while
  • Higher plans are quite pricey

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