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Svitch Bike SXE Review: Quality All-rounder E-bike

The Svitch Bike is capable of folding right down the middle, effectively cutting down the e-bike’s overall size to just about half. This makes it infinitely easier for you to ride public transport with your bike in hand or to stow it in the back of your car if you want to bring it along on trips. 
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The Svitch Bike SXE aims to be the e-bike of the future and it’s doing a great job of achieving that goal. It’s premium, portable, and powerful, and it allows you to track your riding information just by glancing at the LCD screen located along its handlebar. Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but if you can pony up the cash then it’s well worth the price of admission.



  • Foldable design allows it to go where other e-bikes can’t.
  • Sturdy yet lightweight frame.
  • Advanced air suspension and multi-terrain tires give you a great ride on a variety of surfaces.
  • Excellent all-around ride experience.
  • LCD screen is a useful addition that makes it easy to track your ride details and battery life.


  • Being a premium product it’s quite pricey.

In recent years, e-bikes have taken the world by storm, providing people with an easier and more environmentally friendly mode of transportation to get from point A to point B. While it definitely takes the strain off having to pedal at full force, e-bikes generally still share one of the bigger disadvantages of rocking a bicycle – they’re unwieldy and can be tough to bring around. The Svitch Bike aims to change this.

This cutting-edge electric bicycle makes itself easier to bring along on your adventures by being foldable to around half its full size. It’s also made out of top-shelf materials and this specific limited edition SXE model sports a particularly powerful motor that’s able to hit some impressive speeds. In this Svitch Bike SXE review, we’re putting the pedal to the metal to find out if it has what it takes to leave its competition in the dust.

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Svitch Bike was founded by managing director Raj Patel – a man who lives by the principle that big risks are necessary to get big ideas off the ground. Their innovative design takes the accessibility and ease of use that electric bicycles are known for and adds a layer of portability to them by making them collapsible in the middle, allowing you to take the Svitch Bike with you on public transportation or throw it in the trunk of your car whenever you’re going on a trip.

It doesn’t skimp on quality or durability either, as this e-bike is made out of aircraft-grade aluminium 6061 along with some oversized 20×4 ” tires that are well-suited for all kinds of terrain. It’s smart too, with a coloured LCD screen located along the handlebar that constantly feeds you information about your bike’s battery levels, distance travelled, current speed, and a lot more. In this review, we’ll be focusing on the Limited Edition Svitch Bike SXE – the limited edition top-of-the-line model that comes with a beefed-up motor. A Limited Edition E-bike introduced by the Brand that is specially tailored for the International Market.

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Foldable Design

One of the Svitch Bikes highlight features is its foldable design, allowing you to carry it with you on bus or train rides – something you’d have a hard time doing with a normal bicycle or e-bike. This also makes it way easier to store it in the trunk of your car for when you’re planning an out of town trip.

Swappable/Easy-to-charge Battery

Afraid of running out of juice halfway through your bike ride? This e-bike boasts a swappable battery mechanism that simply allows you to slip in a new battery whenever your tank’s running on empty. Just carry a spare in your backpack if you’re thinking of going on a long ride.

Charging the battery is just as easy. You can either pull out the battery and top it up using the included fast charger, or you can hook up a charging cable to the side of the bike’s frame and charge it as is.

One-click Foldable Pedals

The Svitch Bike’s pedals effortlessly fold upwards, saving you a bit more space for when you want to stuff it in the back of your car.

Premium Frame

This e-bike is crafted out of Al 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium, giving it a lightweight frame that still manages to be remarkably sturdy.

Quality Disc Brakes

The creators of the Svitch Bike did their due diligence when it comes to safety by fitting it with large 160mm disc brakes, giving you better control over your rides.

Shimano Gear Shifters

Ride at your own pace with the bike’s 7-speed Shimano Gears, giving you complete control over power and tempo.

LCD Display

Sitting on your handlebar is a nifty little coloured LCD screen that shows tons of information at a glance, including battery life, distance moved, level of pedal assist, movement speed, and more.

Advanced Air Suspension and Multi-Terrain Tires

You’ve got a Dual Mozo Air lockable suspension system combined with a pair of big fat 20 x 4 inch tires to give you a smooth ride on all kinds of terrain.

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Svitch bike in redSpecs

Bike Weight 28.5 kg
Bike Dimension 170 x 55.5 cm
Handlebar Alloy, 58.42cm length
Charging Time 3.5 hours
Max Speed 25 km/hr
Included in Box Manual, charger, tool kit, battery
Max Rider Weight 120 kg
Battery Position Portable / Concealed
Gears 7-speed Shimano gears
Frame 21.85-inch Aluminium 6061 alloy frame
Fork/Suspension Dual, Lockable
Brakes Tektro mechanical disc brakes (160mm)
Rims Aluminium alloy
Tires 20 x 4 inches
Seat PU Leather
Headlight LED light / 300 Lux
Throttle Full twist throttle
Motor 48V, 500W Svitch BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) HUB
Battery Lithium-ion battery 48V, 14.5Ah
Charger 3A, 48V
Charger Type Fast Charger
Mobile App N/A
Water and Dustproof IP 65 water resistance
Display Colourful LCD Display
Pedal Assist System 0 – 5 Mode
Pedal Assist Range Up to 80mi
Throttle Only Range Up to 50mi
Colours 5
USB Charging Yes

Build & Design

The Svitch Bike doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel as far as design goes, featuring a lower seat and higher handlebar that’s akin to the BMX bikes that were so popular back in the day. Its frame is thickest in the middle, which is where it craftily hides its battery and all of its wiring. It comes in a variety of colours to suit your style, including Yankee Yellow, Scarlet Red, and Midnight Sapphire.

The bike’s build quality leaves nothing to be desired, thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminium frame, excellent disc brakes, and gigantic 20 x 4-inch tires. Whether it’s safety or durability, the Svitch Bike passes with flying colours.

svitch bike being used

What’s it like to use?

From its foldable pedals and collapsible frame to its conveniently-placed LCD screen, everything about the Svitch Bike was designed with simplicity in mind. A quick crank in the middle and a bit of force is all it takes to fold the bike in half and the pedals flip up with the push of a button.

If you’re looking to charge the bike’s battery quickly, you can pull out the battery and juice it up with the included fast charger which will save you lots of valuable time, or you can just plug the bike itself into an outlet via cable if you’d rather just do that. The coloured LCD is also a really handy addition that lets you track vital information without having to look away from the road for more than a split second. It even tells you the level of pedal-assist you’re currently on, which is pretty cool.

Compared to the other variants that feature 36V – 48V/250W motors, the Svitch Bike SXE houses a 48V/500W one that gives you a whole lot more punch. If you’re planning on taking some adventurous rides, then you’ll want to splurge a little and opt for the SXE model.

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Final Thoughts

If portability is one of the factors that’s holding you back from getting yourself an e-bike, then the Svitch Bike takes that problem completely off the table with its foldable dynamic. But it doesn’t stop there. The Svitch Bike SXE boasts the most powerful motor of the bunch, while still retaining the same safety systems, premium build, and LCD screen that makes the vehicle so great.

Whether you’re using it for your daily commute or the odd outdoor adventure, the Svitch Bike SXE is up to the task. And the best part is, its portable nature means you can take it with you on the subway or in your car when you’re heading out of town for a vacation. It sports a pretty hefty price tag, but if you can afford it then there’s no reason you shouldn’t get one


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