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Sydney Makes History with 600 Drone Show Over the Harbour

Most people flock to drones for surveillance and shooting purposes but what if the drones themselves were the main attraction? Sydney has made history with its 600-drone strong showcase.
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  • Sydney made history by holding a 600-drone show at the Harbour making it the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • The drones created animations of a Top Gun fighter jet, the USS Enterprise from Star Trek, and even the beloved children’s show, Paw Patrol.
  • The drones worked in synchronization to create these floating images.

Imagine hundreds of drones in the sky lighting up and creating an image of maybe your favorite TV show. This is what happened in Sydney where a flock of drones lit up the night sky with images from Top Gun to Spongebob Squarepants.

Since drones usually have a limited amount of battery life and can only fly for a certain amount of time, the show had to be choreographed perfectly to make sure the drones’ power were well used.

The Beauty of Drone Shows

The trick to drone art, aside from having a beefy budget to afford all of the drones, is the engineering behind it. Creating drone art and drone shows requires perfect synchronization for each and every drone.

The engineering process of creating the drone show includes programming each drone in its respective sequences sort of like how pixels work. Drones, like pixels, each have their own responsibilities and should be programmed as such.

After each drone is programmed, they will then follow the sequence and in turn, all of them create a masterful image. If one of them messes up, this could mess the image or worse, bump into other drones shooting them off course.

The drone show in Sydney was the largest one of its kind ever held in the Southern Hemisphere. Audiences at the Harbour were dazzled by the 600-drone show as it took the sky like fireworks but slightly cooler.

Unlike fireworks, these flying machine shows don’t really have that explosive factor but rather a more artistic approach. Imagine, instead of a set of explosive lights in the sky, the lights morph from one figure to another.

600 Drones Made Figures of Icons in the Sky

Sydney’s drone show had the 600 drones take the form of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek to a Top Gun fighter jet. The audience saw the drones rise while illuminating the sky in synchronicity before taking the form of iconic figures.

The drones rose up in batches appearing and disappearing as their lights turn on and off. After spreading out into the sky, the drones positioned themselves for the first figure, a countdown timer.

By turning the lights off and on, the drones were able to create the illusion of the image in the sky coming out from nowhere. Instead of just images, the drone show showed animated pieces with a little bit of action here and there.

Audiences saw the USS Enterprise make its way through space and Spongebob Squarepants raising his arms. The show included friendly faces like Paw Patrol.

One iconic figure the drone show created was the words “NCIS: Sydney” which is a beloved crime investigation TV show.


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