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Sydney Urges Citizens to Opt for Renewable Energy, the Accredited 100% GreenPower Electricity Plan

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  • The City of Sydney is urging its residents to switch to GreenPower.
  • A GreenPower survey was held in order to get behind the reasons why certain people haven’t made the switch yet.
  • Clean Energy Council CEO says GreenPower is a great alternative for those that can’t use solar panels.

Can the City of Sydney fully transition into renewable technology? While climate change has been an increasing concern, Australians located in Sydney have a choice to make a difference by choosing a more environmentally friendly energy supplier.

The City of Sydney is calling for its citizens to choose a more environmentally friendly approach toward energy by picking a government-managed program called GreenPower. GreenPower helps individuals and businesses support the generation of renewable energy to store or use continually.

Citizens that choose any of the accredited 100% GreenPower electricity plan helps support the growth of Australia’s renewable sector. The Lord Mayor said that a lot of residents can’t go renewable “if they are renting or live in an apartment block.”

GreenPower Survey Shows Why Some Australians Aren’t Making the Switch

The mayor noted that 66% of local area emissions come from electricity and that switching the power provider could make a huge impact on the City of Sydney’s green efforts. When it comes to households, the number of emissions coming from electricity amount to 46% which is why making a switch can yield huge results.

A survey by GreenPower found multiple problems as the reasons behind why certain citizens have not yet chosen renewable energy alternatives:

  • 57% said that they would make the switch if they were sure that it would help impact the environment in a positive way.
  • 33% of them did not know that the GreenPower electricity plan exists.
  • 12.7% said that despite the efforts, they don’t trust electric companies to put the money towards the generation of renewable energy.
  • 11% did not know that making a switch could make a huge impact on total emissions.
  • 7% said, “they hadn’t got around it.”
  • 4.5% said that they had no personal choice when it came to choosing a power provider.

Should this be the case, awareness, and proper education could be two major factors that could affect the number of citizens not yet using renewable energy. By both showing them the difference in emissions and providing them with an easy alternative, more citizens might make the switch toward renewable energy.

GreenPower is an Alternative for Those Without Access to Solar Panels

Kane Thornton, the CEO of Clean Energy Council, said that more than 3 million Australians and small businesses are already using solar panels and that if this option is not available to certain people, there is always the GreenPower electric plan available.

Residents like Guillaume Papillion from the City of Sydney said that he decided to switch to GreenPower after the bushfires that happened in 2020. Although making a switch towards renewable energy might seem like a small move for some, if done collectively, its results could still have a positive effect on the environment.


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