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TactSuit X40: A Haptic Suit That Enhances Your Gaming Experience

Feel like you're in the game with this innovative haptic feedback suit 🕴🎮
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We’ve seen Sony with its innovative DualSense controllers but the team over at bHaptics has taken immersion to a whole new level with the TactSuit X40. This Bluetooth-powered suit has 40 haptic points and VR ready.

An honoree of the 2021 CES Innovation Awards, the future of VR gaming looks bright for the TactSuit X40 and it has also partnered with Oculus in delivering quality immersive games.

Recently, bHaptics gave fans a sneak peek of In Death: Unchained for Oculus and the experience of shooting arrows on your enemies look so satisfying.

If you’re a big fan of shooter game titles, then the TactSuit X40 might be your perfect companion when it comes to running and gunning down your opponents in tough firefights.

Submerge Yourself In The Game

Experience over 300 haptic patterns on every corner of your body with this revolutionary vest. Even if you don’t have a VR headset, you can plug this in over to your console and PC Steam games.

Enjoy the lag-free, wireless experience of the TactSuit X40 with up to 18 hours of battery life with a full charge taking 5 hours via a 5V 2A USB Type C.

Converting Audio To Haptics

Aside from gaming, you can wear the TactSuit X40 while listening to music or watching movies. Its audio-based haptic feedback technology gives you an interactive experience.

Think of it as if you’re watching a movie on IMAX from the comforts of your home. Or if you’re a solid audiophile, the built-in app can let you control which audio frequencies the suit will react to.

Want to experience how a bass hits on your body? Send that vibration into the suit and feel the music.

Whether your a hardcore gamer or a movie and music enthusiast, the TactSuit X40 makes Ready Player One a reality as it takes you to another dimension. You can grab the TactSuit X40 at the bHaptics official store for only $499 and suit up for an immersive experience of a lifetime.



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