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TEDPoP Review: World’s Largest Hardshell Rooftop Tent

TEDPoP manages to solve the pesky problem of condensation by utilizing a closed-cell structure that promotes maximum insulation and incorporating a canvas fabric that allows air to freely permeate through it.
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TEDPoP Quick Review

Should you buy?

TEDPoP is taking rooftop tents to the next level with its revamped design, breathable canvas fabric, generous space, and anti-condensation technology. If you’re going to stick a tent on top of your car, it better be a TEDPoP.



  • Air-permeable canvas eliminates stuffiness while keeping water out
  • 360° view is great for taking in the sights
  • Condensation prevention is something all tents should have
  • Better weight distribution than other rooftop tents


  • Rooftop tents are often way more expensive than traditional tents

There are lots of exciting things to love about camping but setting up your tent is rarely one of them. Lugging it around while it’s packed up can be quite a hassle and pitching it usually ends up being way more complicated than it should be.  Not with the TEDPoP.

Developed to be the largest hard shell rooftop tent on the market, the TEDPoP aims to significantly streamline your camping experience by providing you with a spacious premium tent that sits comfortably on the roof of your car and takes less than five minutes to put up. In this TEDPoP review, we’re looking to find out if this rooftop tent has what it takes to outdo all of its competent rivals.

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TEDS is a South Korean outdoor equipment brand that was founded by camping enthusiast Ted Ko. TEDPoP is their hard shell rooftop pop-up tent that’s the first of its kind to sport a dual expandable design. Not only is it big enough to fit an entire family, but it also includes two ladders for dual entryways and extra stability, and it features a 360-degree view to better enjoy the outdoors.

Moreover, it’s made out of high-end canvas that’s remarkably permeable and it even prevents condensation – a condition that plagues most tents. Environmentally-conscious people will be glad to know that every part of the TEDPoP is crafted out of recyclable material so it’s completely eco-friendly. And to top it all off, it only takes a few minutes to set the whole thing up.

TedPop on Jeep


Compact & Aerodynamic Design

While closed, TEDPoP sports a narrower frame compared to most hard shell rooftop tents on the market, making it look far less bulky on the roof of your car. It also features a clamshell-like design that’s more aerodynamic, minimizing wind resistance and lessening noise.

Safer & More Stable

The majority of rooftop tents incorporate a single entryway design, forcing most of the weight on a single side of your car. With TEDPoP’s dual expandable system, it’s able to distribute the weight of the tent along the centre of the car and allows for two entryways on either side, making it safer and a lot more secure than your average rooftop tent.

360° View

What’s the point of the added height advantage of a rooftop tent if you don’t have the right view to go along with it? While most of its rivals only offer a 270° perspective, TEDPoP boasts a 360° outlook to allow you to really take in the scenery. There’s even a star view window that gives you a clear look at the sky in case you’re in the mood for some stargazing.

Premium Breathable Material

The tent is made out of high-density canvas fabric that features excellent air permeability, making it feel nice and breezy inside. The canvas is complemented by a fly material that blocks out UV rays and renders the entire tent waterproof.

Extra Spacious

Compared to other rooftop tents that require extensions to accommodate more people, TEDPoP is built to comfortably fit a family of five from the get-go.


Most polyester-based tents suffer from condensation forming inside the structure, which is a bane a lot of campers have to put up with. Thanks to TEDPoP’s three-layer thermally static composite panel and breathable canvas fabric, it’s able to thoroughly prevent condensation from ever forming.

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Sturdy Eco-Friendly Build

Whether it’s the high-strength aluminium honeycomb panel and gas strut bar or the hard shell cover made out of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene) material, TEDPoP looks to be eco-friendly and recyclable from head to toe.

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TedPop Packed away


Weight 65 kg
Dimensions (Open) 120 x 153 x 47.4 inches
Dimensions (Closed) 49.2 x 85.4 x 12.8 inches

Tent Skin

Material Canvas (Poly Cotton)
Colour Red
Density 300 GSM

Rain Fly

Material Polyester
Colour Dark Grey

Hard Shell

Material ABS
Colour Black/White


Material Aluminium Honeycomb Panel


Material Telescopic 7.5 ft

TEDPop Tent

Build & Design

TEDPoP has quality written all over it. From its hard shell cover made out of ABS and high-grade metal to its aluminium panel and canvas tent skin, everything is meticulously crafted using the finest materials. The aluminium frame maintains its form even under 2000 pounds of weight and the sturdy canvas material allows air to permeate through yet keeps water and moisture at bay.

The tent is no slouch when it comes to looks either, sporting an eye-catching mix of red and dark grey. The hard shell’s glossy white paint job looks pretty classy as well and will likely blend in just fine no matter the car colour.

TEDPop Internal

What’s it like to use?

One of the biggest advantages the TEDPoP has over run-of-the-mill tents is how easy it is to set up. No more carrying around unwieldy bags and a bunch of poles. First, you’ll have to secure the TEDPoP onto the top of your car. Next, you unlock the action on the hard shell, give it a few pushes on each of its corners, then let the gas strut bars do most of the heavy lifting.

Once the tent is upright, you can flip out the extension panels and begin attaching the ladders to the entrances. From there, you’ll have to prop up the window flaps using the specially made poles, then anchor its sides to the bottom of the tent and you’re good to go. Aside from hitching the TEDPoP to the roof of your vehicle, setting it up is incredibly easy and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to accomplish.


Shop TEDPoP on KickstarterSuper Early Bird Deals Available!


TEDPoP takes the conventional hard shell rooftop tent and improves upon it in nearly every way possible. It has more secure positioning, more entry points, air-permeable waterproof canvas tent skin, and it incorporates an innovative anti-condensation design. It even features a 360° view for a more pleasant camping experience and can fit a family of five without the need to be extended.

It’s undoubtedly far more expensive than your traditional tent, but the TEDPoP’s level of convenience, premium design, and tough build make it worth every penny. As far as hard shell rooftop tents go, TEDPoP is a cut above the competition.


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