TEKE Wireless DMX RGBW Lighting


TEKE’s wireless lighting allows you to instantly get the lighting, palette, and animation you’re looking for, all at the simple touch of a screen thanks to the nifty TEKE companion app.

If you’re looking for the same sophisticated lighting system they use in Hollywood movies and big-budget music videos but aren’t keen on spending the small fortune they usually go for, then the TEKE wireless DMX RGBW lighting might be just the ticket.


TEKE is a smart, ultra-bright lighting system that comes with a ton of extra features and works in tandem with either your smartphone, wifi router, or any DMX art-net type device. Aside from its insanely bright flicker-free lights, you’ll be able to add a wide array of effects to take your photoshoot, fashion show, or music video to the next level, such as sound-reactive effects, instant colour palette changes, and animated lighting. 

And once you do find your favourite bunch of lighting, palette, and animation setups, you can save them for future use on the TEKE app which boasts a continuously growing library of professional-quality effects. With the TEKE wireless lighting, you’ll never have a dull shoot ever again.

Tech Specs

  • 700LM | 1400LM max. illumination
  • Full-spectrum addressable RGBW
  • 2700K–6500K adjustable colour temperature
  • 90+ CRI
  • TEKE (20 Inches / 30 Pixels) | TEKE Pro (40 Inches / 60 Pixels)
  • Durable Aluminum Housing 
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 4-hour battery runtime
  • Smart Run Time (Maximize battery duration based on settings/shoot length)
  • Flicker-free slow-mo and dimming
  • Convenient built-in sliding mount with 1/4 inch screw-in
  • Ability to connect multiple TEKE together
  • Library of instant animations, sound reactive effects and dynamic gradients.​ 
  • Unlimited customization on phone or computer
  • DMX Art-Net over Wi-fi-enabled
  • Recharge via USB-C 


  • TEKE mount bracket
  • Swivel ball-head mount
  • Mini-tripod
  • Mini grip tripod
  • External USB-C battery
  • TEKE Kit
  • Type C charging cable
  • Quick charging adapter


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