Terraplanter – A new home for plants


There are 4 ways to grow plants with the Terraplanter. You can either rub pores onto its surface, wrap a climbing plant around it, use rubber bands to hold plant roots in place, or simply cover it with your seeds of choice.


With the ongoing pandemic sweeping the globe, growing plants has become an increasingly popular pastime, especially when done indoors. The Terraplanter is an inside-out planter that hopes to give green thumbs a brand new, more effective way of growing their beloved green friends.

It works by acting like a water bank that slowly lets water seep through the material that it’s made out of, allowing the plants on the outside to hydrate as much as they need to and lessening the number of times that you need to water them. The Terrplanter’s revolutionary design means that you won’t need to provide any soil or dirt and the planter itself is reusable and made out of 100% natural materials.

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  • Dimensions WxH: 114 x 227 mm
  • Weight: ~1 kg
  • Parts: Lid, Body, and Base


  • Retail price: $80/unit
  • Eary bird price: $59/unit
  • Kickstarter price: $69/unit


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