The Best Car Accessories and Gadgets for a Good Road Trip

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Road trips can be excruciatingly long and tiring. You spend a lot of time on the road, behind your wheels, and have to make do with whatever pit stops you get along the way. Knowing that you will be spending a major bulk of your time inside the car, it is highly necessary that you get your car tuned and have it checked for any errors and flaws.

Whether it is keeping your interior space neat and tidy or adding some new accessories, it is always recommended to check your car before you leave on a road trip. In this article, we take a look at some of the gizmos and accessories that you will need inside your car on your road trip. Look at these amazing accessories and stack up your car with the best.

Car Hand Gel Dispenser 

A car hand gel dispenser is a much-needed accessory to have with you, knowing the predicament of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are on a road trip, you would want a good gel dispenser, which you can frequently use along the way.

This car hand gel dispenser is ideally designed specifically for vans and cars on the road. The gel dispenser comes as a cup holder of sorts and can fit inside any vehicle, regardless of other specifications. The easy design and the customized specifications make it a good, thoughtful gift for others as well. You can add up the preferred sanitizer of your choice in the component and enjoy safety and protection on the way.

Roof Cargo Box 

A good roof cargo box will easily be able to accommodate all your belongings and stuff on your next road trip out of town. Obviously, with multiple members of the family travelling, you will need the additional space to keep your family belongings in one place.

To make things convenient, you should get a roof rack that comes with extra protection on the top to protect against forces of the weather.

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

If you are big on cleanliness and hygiene inside the car, then you need a portable car vacuum cleaner to keep things neat and tidy. A car vacuum cleaner can clear away all bits and pieces of dust and spillage from chips, juices, biscuit crumbs and a lot more. You will definitely appreciate the purchase once you utilize the vacuum cleaner to clear away the mats and seats.

Smart Tyre Safety Monitor 

A tyre safety monitor is a good accessory to have with you on your travels. A good tyre safety monitor helps you keep an eye on the tyre pressure and other metrics that should be concerning. Tyre safety is especially important once on the road, which is why this new gadget can help you detect leaks and other damages before they cause an accident on the road. The tyre safety monitor can also safeguard you against leaks and gives you a portable device to charge other devices on the go.


We strictly discourage the idea of drinking and driving and believe that you should strictly refrain from doing so on a road trip. However, if the idea is one that you plan to follow, it is always good to have a breathalyser to check whether you are travelling within the confines laid down by the legal law enforcement authorities. Buy a good breathalyser that works in the same way as one that is used by law enforcement agencies. Make sure you also have disposable mouthpieces for multiple travellers.

Portable USB Charger

USB charging can come as a fresh wave of energy during a road trip. You can install a USB charge in the dash of your Volkswagen Touareg and enjoy the convenience it provides.

Once the charger is plugged in, you can enjoy the fast charging that it has to offer.

Car Battery Jump Start Pack 

A bad battery can be a cause of concern when you are on a road trip. It is good to have a battery jump start pack available with you to manage a failing battery without having to worry about being stranded in the wild.

A car battery jump start pack can also be used on other vehicles stranded on the road or at gas stations, during your journey.

All of these devices carry utility of their own and can spark up your travels to the next level. You will definitely enjoy the utility on offer and will like travelling with these car accessories and gadgets inside your car.


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