The Best Essential Gadgets to Boost Your Productivity While You Writing a Research Paper

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Writing a research paper is a long, tedious, and time-consuming task, but the results are all worth the effort in the end. Productivity and focus are two key elements that one must have to prepare a well-researched, planned, and articulated paper.

Productivity is a state of mind, and to keep the mind in that phase for longer, make clever use of gadgets that help make the task easier. Technology sure has its choices of products to offer to aid your research papers.

Smart pens

Writing is synonymous with the pen; the only change is that most people have moved on from the traditional method of taking notes, thoughts on a notepad using an ink pen. In this digital world that we live today, everything is digitalized, and so is your beloved pen.

Use the gadget to quickly and easily note down everything, or even use it for your final research documentation. As you usually write as you do, it is easy to use. The only difference is that it gets recorded on your devices, and your writing has a digital backup.

Help with research paper writing 

College students often face a time crunch and find themselves stuck between multiple submissions along with examinations, and this is a tiresome process. To make the most of your time and resources, opt for a research paper writing service where you find affordable papers with good quality and thorough research. Look for cheap research papers from EduBirdie and hire writers who can write an original research paper cheap for you to complete grades. This will help you in attaining the degree like a true champ student.

Fast internet connection 

The college routers may cause hindrance to your work speed as most other students are perhaps using the internet along with you. To write a good paper and carry out research effectively, you need a smart personal router that offers a high-speed internet connection for your individual needs.

With a seamless internet connection, you stand at a good chance of using your time smartly to go through all the steps in research process and bring out smart ideas, results, and conclusions. You can now easily access the internet and download as many help documents as you desire through the process of preparing the research paper.

Digital to-do list board 

College can get busy with multiple assignments, examinations, and interviews, and it does get tough to keep track of time. Get a kanban board; it is a digital to-do list board where you can feed in all details pertaining to dates, notes, schedules so that you do not miss any vital class or submission.

A to-do list not only helps you keep track of everything that’s happening around you, but it also helps plan your day accordingly and directly helps in maximizing your efforts and productivity.

If you prefer old-school lists, then there are physical versions of the board too. Get down to making keynotes, making a schedule that aims at making every activity possible within time and with quality.

Printer on the go 

A Pocket printer is your best friend in college because you do not have to spend excessive time visiting and waiting at the printing room on campus. Writing a research paper requires running through documents, research, and mark areas relevant from the internet.

The pocket printer makes it easy for you; all you have to do is purchase one, fill in the cartridge, and print as many quick copies as you like. Just as the name sounds, it is a portable printer that is easy to carry, prints copies in an instant, and saves time that you can use to focus on the research paper.

Data storage software/cloud subscription

If you choose to go completely digital, then data storage software or subscribing to a cloud service is the best. With this, you now have a complete backup of all your documents, data, information, and research papers. This solves a significant problem – losing data.

Students in college often complain about losing their copies or registers or, worse, have it stolen by peers. With data backup, you can easily steer away from losing data that is precious when writing those long research papers. Keep your data stored, safe in a few clicks. You can also password protect your data software.


Colleges and educational institutions are adapting to various digital means to support the growth and learning of students. The gadgets mentioned in the above sections aim to make your work in college less tedious and more intelligent in terms of results. Choose the devices that will genuinely help you write good research papers and eventually land you good grades.


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