The Best In-Car Tech Features That Are Making Roads Safer

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The latest Australian road safety statistics show there were 95 road traffic deaths in October 2021 alone, marking a 3.5% decrease in road fatalities compared to figures over the last five years, according to a report on Bitre. As a driver, your topmost priority is maintaining road safety not just for yourself, but for all road users. However, even the most seasoned drivers are at a high risk of getting into road accidents. With this in mind, driving skills alone are not enough to keep you safe on the roads.

To enjoy safe rides on busy highways, you need a vehicle designed with the coolest car gadgets like cell phone signal boosters, GPS trackers, and cameras. These innovative features help you avoid accidents and provide lifesaving assistance in an emergency. Read on to learn more about in-car high-tech safety features making roads safer.

Apple Carplay And Android Auto Connectivity

Texting, calling, changing audio or music, and reading maps are common distractions for drivers that often result in fatal road accidents. To reduce distracted driving, automakers, in collaboration with Google and Apple, have designed an infotainment system that allows drivers to stay connected to their devices.

The Android Auto and Apple Carplay system lets drivers interact with their smartphones via the touchscreen, voice control, and steering wheel. This means you can call, text, or change your music playlist without taking your eyes off the road, thus improving road safety. Although this infotainment system is not available in most car models, we can expect them to be standard features in all vehicles in the next coming years.

Dash Cam

Dashboard cameras or dash cams have become increasingly popular in-vehicle gadgets for motorists worldwide because of the numerous benefits they offer. Typically, the dash cam works by recording footage automatically when you start driving. It also relies on built-in g-sensors to monitor changes in acceleration and detect a collision. In most cases, drivers use the footage recorded by dashcams to prove who is at fault when involved in a car accident.

When you consult a car accident attorney after a crash, they’ll likely ask you to collect evidence at the scene. This step includes taking photos so your lawyer can demonstrate the severity of the crash. While photographs might help authorities understand the accident’s impact, it’s wise to provide recordings of the entire incident. Dashcam footage will help you show authorities how the accident occurred and the person responsible.

Driver-Attention Monitor

As a general rule of thumb, drivers should not drive for more than 12 hours a day. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t heed this guideline and end up tired, exhausted, and sluggish. Given that fatigue increases the risk of road accidents, automakers are now installing driver-attention monitors.

The primary function of the driver-attention monitor system is to track a driver’s alertness by monitoring eyelid activity, head position, and eye movement. With the help of a sensor-equipped camera and LED sensors, this high-tech car safety feature determines if the driver is alert. If the system detects the driver isn’t alert, it sends visual or sound notifications.

Staying safe on the road is a top priority for many drivers, but skills alone don’t guarantee safety. To keep yourself, your family, friends, and other road users safe, you need to utilize innovative vehicle safety technologies like dash cams, driver-attention monitoring, and infotainment systems. All these technologies aim to enhance the driving experience while maximizing road safety.


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