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The Day Before Strangely Influenced By Animal Crossing

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Developer Fntastic and publisher Mytona released more gameplay footage of their upcoming survival MMO The Day Before. The team talked about its inspirations it drawn from Animal Crossing and other mechanics. The question is — will it live up to the hype?

For those who weren’t aware, The Day Before got announced last January and we are now getting more updates regarding the game.

This is an open-world MMO survival game set in post-pandemic America that’s overrun by flesh-hungry infected and friendly and notorious survivors hunting and killing each other for food, weapons and cars.

The game starts with you waking up all alone in a world you no longer remember in search of answers and gathering the necessary resources to survive.

How Is This Game Inspired By Animal Crossing?

In an exclusive interview with IGN, Eduard and Aiden Gotovtsev explained that they’ve taken inspiration for the actual “base building” concept from Animal Crossing.

They liked the idea that Animal Crossing incorporated a greedy racoon boss in the island and they weren’t attracted to the usual “building a hut out of stones and sticks” as you would see in games such as Valheim.

In The Day Before, there will be a place of safety called the Woodberry Survivor Colony where players can interact with others to join groups, talk to some residents and take on quests.

The Last of Us Meets The Division?

The Day Before showed off some more exclusive combat gameplay in the recent IGN Fan Fest. As we observed, the setting gives us a familiar vibe from The Last of Us.

In terms of the outdoor visuals, the game also gives off The Division vibes as their YouTube video description also suggests.

But the added challenge in this game is that you’re not presented with any objectives since you will solely rely on environmental sound cues in which Fntastic gave emphasis on. It’s up to you to figure out based on the environment if you’ll encounter either friendly or hostile foes.

We don’t have much information on how punishing the death mechanics are in this game, but GameRant is suggesting that it might be similar to the DayZ permadeath.

Fntastic did not mention of an official release date but other sources are expecting The Day Before to release on Steam in Q2 2021.


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