The Essential Tools for Working on the Go

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Working on the go is a phrase that describes every kind of work activity that is done outside of the office. You can work on a train, in a lovely guesthouse in the mountains, and – in the current COVID-19 situation – at home. Technology lets us work remotely, and it keeps us connected with our team members in real-time. Having your own home office is enough to complete every task you usually did at work.

If you don’t know how to get started and what tools are absolutely essential when working from home, we are here to show you our choices. You will find software solutions and hardware devices that will help you with time management and contacting teams during your remote work. Here are our tips on what tools you need the most:

Laptop or Tablet

Working remotely may be difficult without one of those essential tools – laptop or tablet. Currently, laptops and tablets’ technical parameters do not differ much, especially if you mainly use your computer to operate in-office programs, run a calendar, and search the Internet. If you have a career in digital marketing, you might want to choose a laptop in which you can expand the capacity of disk memory and get a more efficient graphics card. It’s because digital marketing is often connected with creating visual content using demanding graphics programs.

However, if you create only written content, according to, you might be interested in the novelties on the market. Apple and its new iPad propose a set that differs little from MacBooks. Tablets producers often offer you a functional keyboard and a mouse, so you are free to write everywhere.

Power Bank

Imagine working on a very important and demanding project and noticing your phone and iPad battery coming close to zero. Know that feeling of the “sudden panic”? It’s not pleasant at all, especially when you need to get things done ASAP. What’s the best solution when your devices haven’t seen the electrical outlet for too long? To have a USB power bank with you.

A portable charger is going to save the day, not once and not twice. Choose a device with a high battery capacity, which, in combination with two USB ports, will allow you to charge two devices at the same time quickly. The small dimensions of power banks ensure easy transport in a backpack or purse, and thanks to the enormous power of up to 45W, the device is able to charge even a laptop!

Wireless Earbuds

Working on the go may be challenging, especially if you are actually traveling, for example, by train. Some are talking, some are snoring, and you just can’t focus on anything. Well, there is a way to cut off from the outside world – headphones. Store shelves are full of various headphones you can choose from.

You will find on-ear, in-ear, wired, and wireless earbuds that you can connect to your computer or phone via Bluetooth. Use them either for the noise cancelling or noise jamming. Prepare a playlist to listen to while you are working remotely. Some prefer energizing club music, while others choose calm classical etudes – pick what suits you best and enjoy a quiet, focused ride.

Useful Apps

Every project management needs effective management tools. Now Google Store or App Store are full of applications that will help you organize your appointments and tasks. One of them is Agenda, an app that combines a calendar and notes creation. You can assign each entry to a specific day of the week. With such tools, time management is not difficult at all!

Online Data Backup

Vital tools for remote work also include online data backup. It can be Google Drive or Dropbox – it actually doesn’t matter as long as you remember to do a backup regularly. There is one thing you need to know about backups: it is crucial for every project management as it ensures that yours and your colleagues’ work won’t be lost.

Doing backups is a way of following best practices when working outside the office. You can’t let your valuable data get lost. Just imagine the time you would need to restore lost information!


Employees working from home can be just as effective as those working from the office. All they need is some help in creating a space in which they will have the chance to focus. They also need devices and software that will facilitate completing their tasks.

When you work from home, you need functional hardware devices, an Internet connection to make online backups, and great calendar and notes apps. You don’t need every technological invention to manage your time during your remote work best, but you need several devices and solutions that will bring order instead of chaos.


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