The Future Of TV Watching: How To Have An Amazing Experience

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When you’ve had a long day at work or you just got back from an exhausting road trip, the only thing you want to do is order some good food and bury yourself in a mountain of pillows on the couch to watch your favorite TV shows. Though it does sound like a great plan on your way home, sometimes it can get quite boring after just a few minutes into your scheduled binge session. Especially if you have been confined to the same environment, watching the same channels, and even sticking to the same show for a while.

Entertainment as we know it is changing, and you don’t have to go to the movie theater to get a great experience. Here are a few simple and creative ways through which you can get a fantastic experience watching TV from the comfort of your home. Some of these things can be a bit expensive, but remember this is something that is likely going to last you several years, and it’s something you are rewarding yourself with for all the hard work you do.

1. Improve The Seating

The first thing you need for any kind of entertainment is comfortable seating. Whether you like sitting in bed, in a recliner, or just sitting on the floor and watching TV, making sure that the seating is according to your preference is key. Good seating doesn’t have to be very expensive. You can make some simple changes to make the place cozy and comfortable, especially for the winter. If you want to get maximum comfort consider using the floor space. There are many things you can do for the floor and the open space allows you to sit, lean, or lay down as you wish.

2. Enhance TV Capabilities

TVs are changing, media is changing and your current setup might not be meeting your needs. Rather than crimping your neck and straining your eyes by watching YouTube on your phone all evening, why not invest in a smart TV that can show you everything you watch on your smart device?

With smart TV’s you don’t have to be stuck with the format of a Linear TV, you can pick and choose what you want to watch and focus on that. Also, you get access to video streaming services that share their unique content through these platforms. In the case you want to watch the local news, you can always switch over to cable TV. In fact, some of the latest devices even allow you to watch 4K videos. If your TV supports this, turn the lights off and settle down for an awesome experience. If you are tired of watching things, turn on the game apps and get competitive with a friend, spouse, or sibling.

3. Improve Sound

Even with the best video apps and the highest quality TV, the entertainment experience is going to be lacking if there isn’t any audio. While headphones and wireless earbuds offer very good sound quality, it can be uncomfortable to wear them for the duration of an entire movie. You can get the same experience with surround sound speakers, which aren’t that expensive these days.

When it comes to speakers you can easily end up spending a few thousand dollars on a home audio setup that is theater-quality but in reality, even a $500 setup will be all you need. Also, if you don’t want to get surround-sound rated speakers you can always get a 5.1 system and set it up for optimum surround sound. In all situations, any kind of speaker system will help improve the overall experience.

4. Optimize The TV

Sometimes you have a really great setup, you have all the right services, but the entertainment system isn’t optimized. Most people don’t realize this, but just like how graphic settings need to be adjusted according to your monitor on a PC, similar settings need to be adjusted on your TV depending on the kind of video you are watching and the specifications of the TV.

If you don’t know what the best settings are then scroll to the settings and look for an auto-adjust feature. Let the TV understand what is going on and set itself up for the best output. For instance, you might not know that you can improve the refresh rate of your screen and get significantly better picture quality. Even though you are watching in HD, you aren’t getting its best effect.

One thing that is quite underrated in electronic devices, especially TVs and speakers, is the cabling. There is a reason why good cabling is so expensive and why high-quality speakers only perform properly when connected with gold-plated connectors. The cabling is what carries the signal and no matter how good the output device is if the cable’s conductivity is weak you won’t get good results.

Everything from the power cord to the actual connection cables needs to be in good condition. Also, you should invest in the best cables you can get. Factory cables are good, but they aren’t the best options. Especially if you are running a 4K or 8K screen, ensure your cables are designed for that kind of work. Also, consider a surge protector to save your devices from electricity fluctuations.


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