The Need for Digital Whiteboards in the Workplace

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Digital Whiteboards or Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) are becoming increasingly common in the workplace, and they are undoubtedly making traditional whiteboards a thing of the past. Here are some reasons why you need to use a digital whiteboard for your workplace:

Easy to Use

If you are hesitant to make the transition from traditional office workings to an office powered by the latest technology, digital whiteboards are actually a great place to start as they can be quite user-friendly. It is easy to connect it to your Android or iOS device and get started.

Greater Engagement

The old ways of one person taking the lead while the rest casually participate are now dying down. There is greater participation and interactivity with digital whiteboards as users get to access and engage with the data. This increase in collaboration leads to a better generation of ideas and an increase in productivity. Your employees can quickly take notes and remember key information from the meetings.

When brainstorming for ideas, a traditional whiteboard may not provide enough space for your free-thinking. It may not be able to accommodate your flow of ideas and keep up with your creative processes.

However, if you are using a digital whiteboard, you will have all your information saved, and you will be able to easily keep track of where you were and pick up from where you left off. You can access your canvas at any time and even allow other people access to it if required.

Better Communication

Not only can you share the information in real-time with those present in the room, but also with those who are working remotely. You can easily share your screen with these remote workers and send them all the necessary files and documents that were discussed in the session. This makes sure that everyone is up-to-date and present with the tasks of the organization.

No matter where your employees are, you can make sure that everyone is on the same page in real-time. Digital whiteboards are not only easy to use, but they also have great interconnectivity to offer. They work great with all sorts of smartphones, tablets and other devices. Digital whiteboards have become relevant now more than ever in the light of the pandemic restrictions.

Whatever you jot down on the digital whiteboard, it will be able to turn your handwriting into a readable font quickly. This allows everyone to understand what you intend to share and makes for quite an enjoyable work experience. It reduces the need to ask questions and doubts that can slow down the process at times.

Useful Tools

The tools provided in the digital whiteboard allow you to integrate other applications, use 3d modelling and video links, and more, which helps you to emphasize the core points of your presentation and convey your information most effectively. You can also receive the feedback instantly and record the same.

These tools also allow you to make instant changes to your files and documents. Hence, there is a greater simplification, and it can now easily be done in real-time. You will be able to easily highlight the words you need and write down important information on the documents very easily with your fingers. Any mistake made will be easily correctable. Hence, the process has undoubtedly become more seamless and effortless.

Tech-Powered Office

Investing in the right office tools and software shows that you care about your employees and are willing to invest in the company’s future. When it comes to digital whiteboards, there are several options for you to choose from. Microsoft Surface Hub is usually the popular choice. However, you will find that Google’s Jamboard is giving great competition to Microsoft. Nowadays, many offices are also increasingly going for Vibe as a jamboard alternative.

The complex situations that prevail today have made the presence of digital whiteboards a necessity. Nowadays, many top companies provide digital whiteboards and encourage their employees to communicate and collaborate this way instead of using a traditional whiteboard.

In Conclusion

Digital Whiteboards are finding their way into every office nowadays for a good reason. In fact, even teachers in many schools are making use of digital whiteboards to impart better education to the students. Hence, this is the time to make the right investment and learn to stay relevant in this digitally-powered world.


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