The Ultimate Guide To Shopping For Your First-Ever DSLR Camera

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DSLRs are one of the most common types of cameras. It stands for digital single-lens reflex cameras. The first DSLR camera was manufactured during the late 1980s. It was originally marketed to photographers, filmmakers, and other professionals in the movie industry.

Nowadays, many people want to have DSLRs because of their great features. They’re great cameras because they produce good images. They’re good video cameras as well. It’s also considered to be on the expensive range of cameras because of its exceptional video and image quality.

It’s one of the good cameras to invest in when you want to get into photography or vlogging. It’s also one of the best first cameras to buy.

Here’s your ultimate guide to shopping for your first-ever DSLR camera:

1. Purpose And Functionality

You need to determine the purpose of buying the camera. Ask yourself why you’d want to buy a DSLR.

There are DSLRs that can be used for different purposes like landscape photography, street photography, sports photography, wildlife photography, or portrait photography. Buy something that’d be helpful and functional to you.

Choose the one that best suits your photography genre. However, you can buy a camera with generic features if you still don’t have a specific purpose to buy it. You can choose your DSLR online where there are many choices for you.

2. Check Specifications

Check the specifications and qualities of the camera. You need to take note of the sensor size and megapixels.

The sensor size is the physical dimension of the sensor. It determines how much light can be captured, thus affecting the photo quality. Bigger sensors produce higher-quality images.

Megapixels determine the resolution of the camera. High-megapixel cameras produce higher-resolution images. You should check out the megapixel resolution of a DSLR camera before buying it because it determines whether it can produce high-definition pictures or not.

You also need to take note of minor details like battery capacity, display size, and weight. These things don’t affect the image and video quality. However, they are things you can’t miss out on when buying one.

The battery capacity determines the life longevity of your camera’s battery. A higher battery capacity means you can use your camera for longer hours. The display size or screen of the camera is where captured images or videos are played. Some people choose bigger screen sizes. However, some choose smaller and more compact cameras.

Others also prefer DSLRs that are less heavy. Of course, heavier ones are harder to transport and carry. It’s recommended to buy lighter cameras if you want to use them for wildlife and landscape photography.

3. Set A Price Range

Buying DSLRs can be expensive. They’re targeted at professionals who are willing to invest and spend more. Setting a specific budget and price range will help you get the best deal. This would also help you choose easier, considering that there are many brands and kinds of DSLRs in the market today.

4. User Interface

For a first-time buyer, it’s important to choose a DSLR that’s user-friendly. Avoid buying ones that have too many complicated features. Choose one that can be easily used and learned. Do your research first. You can read camera manuals online. You can also watch YouTube tutorials about setting up different cameras.

5. Know Your Lenses

It’s important to know your lenses. This is because different lenses have different uses and features. They determine the aperture, focal length, and depth of field. Aperture affects the amount of light passing through a space. The focal length is the distance between the centre of a lens and its focus. Meanwhile, the depth of field is the distance between the nearest and the farthest objects in your photo.

Lenses are important because they directly affect the image’s quality. So, make sure you know a good deal about lenses before buying your first camera.

6. Buying Your First Camera

DSLRs are great cameras to use. Although they’re marketed for professionals, first-timers can also buy them to practice photography or videography. They produce great quality photos and videos because of their well-made design. It has also very good features.

You have to do your research first before buying your first camera because DSLR cameras aren’t cheap. However, they give you your money’s worth.

If you want to invest in a good camera, DSLRs are good choices for you. There are also different kinds of DSLR cameras that give you different specifications and features. Don’t forget to choose what’s best for you and enjoy your purchase. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.


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