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THIM Sleep Ring Tracker Review – Sleep To Die For?

Does the THIM sleep ring improve sleep? Or is the product incomplete? 😴💍
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Whilst the concept of sleep rings are not exactly hot press, have you ever stumbled across one that will scientifically condition your sleep for the better? The THIM sleep ring promises to do exactly just that. Utilising sleep conditioning techniques that have been the cornerstone of sleep centres for centuries, this Flinders University researched product promises to improve your sleep; without the need for hefty doses of flurazepam.

But does the THIM sleep ring really live up to its claims? Or are we looking at another product that loosely uses the term ‘improve’ when advertising? Find out all you need to know in this comprehensive buyer’s guide and THIM sleep review. When you’re done, don’t forget to let us know what your thoughts are on the ring and its technology. Do you think it will improve your sleep?

Time short?Click here to see our THIM sleep review summary.

Thim Ring Sleep Tracker

The Look Station:

Before we get down to the technology, design awards are commonplace for many expensive gadgets. You would be fooling yourself if you’ve never judged a gadget by its cover! Whilst this particular device won’t be claiming accolades anytime soon, the team at THIM did reserve some manufacturing budget for the exterior. Comprising of a 100% silicone band and multiple sizes for the perfect fit, the THIM is comfortable to wear. The ring did feel slightly strange at first – somewhat like pulse oximetry readers at the doctors – but we soon got used to wearing the device. It’s lightweight, barely noticeable and who doesn’t like a crisp white finish.

For most men who don’t own a lot of jewellery, we’d recommend storing in a safe place as we managed to lose track of ours quite quickly. The silicone finish is soft on the skin and we like how THIM retained a somewhat scientific look given that this is the main attraction of the product. Overall, it’s everything you would expect from a gadget at the higher end.

Thim Sleep Ring Device

The Science Behind The THIM Sleep Ring

The elevator pitch from THIM is the science that has gone into the product. In 2007, a group of volunteers participated in a world-first sleep trial which ultimately formed the basis of the THIM sleep ring. When ready for bed, place the THIM ring on any finger and drift off to sleep. The moment the ring identifies that you have fallen asleep, a small soft vibration will emit to wake you up. Sound counter-intuitive? Keep on reading.

According to world-leading scientist and Flinders University Professor, Leon Lack, repeatedly falling asleep conditions you to sleep better each time around. Supported by published insomnia research (see bullet points below) these sleep trials are activated during the first 1-hour of your bedtime. Most people do not remember being woken up in the morning and THIM tracks how long it takes you to get back to sleep. Over time, you can expect to achieve results similar to the following:

  • 28-minute reduction in time awake
  • 30-minute reduction in sleep onset latency
  • 67-minute increase in total sleep duration

As sleep drive increases over time, users fall asleep quicker and quicker. This re-training to fall asleep quickly has been shown in clinical trials to last at least up to six months. Our thoughts? It did make us feel more refreshed in the morning for one!

Thim Sleep App Review

THIM Sleep Tracking Features

Much like a Fitbit sleep tracker, THIM monitors sleep from your finger and uses each movement to grade your sleep efficiency. However, movement is currently the only tracking method THIM has available and this can lead to small inaccuracies when monitoring sleep stages. For a true measurement of sleep, you should take into account your heart and respiratory rate as well. The Fitbit and the Motiv get the upper hand on the THIM here in this regard.

Over the course of the night, the THIM ring will score your sleep efficiency and is interpreted using a unique sleep-tracking algorithm. Sending this via Bluetooth to the free mobile app, your sleep score is accessible in the morning so you can see how THIM is improving your sleep – and how lifestyle choices also affect your sleep and performance.

Specifically, your THIM dashboard will show:

  • Sleep efficiency score (85% or above is considered an excellent score).
  • Sleep onset latency (time taken to fall asleep each night).
  • Stages of sleep and their duration.
  • Frequency and duration of waking episodes.

Where the THIM sleep ring lacks in total sleep accuracy, it counter-balances over its competitors by tracking movement from your fingers instead of your wrists. There is limited movement within your wrists whilst sleeping which most smartwatch companies won’t share with you! Overall, it’s a good trade-off if you’re prepared to take all results with a pinch of salt. Look for trends and not precise measurements of sleep.

THIM Sleep Nap Mode Feature

One of the coolest features that we enjoyed was THIM’s power nap mode. According to the same research from sleep trials, sleeping for more than 20 minutes leaves you feeling groggy and sleeping for 5 minutes provides no benefit. By switching over to the ‘power nap’ mode, THIM provides this accurate measurement for the first time by detecting exactly when you’ve fallen into your lightest stage of sleep. Then, when it’s time to wake up at the optimal moment, be ready for that small vibration on your finger. We particularly enjoyed the vibration over sound. There’s nothing worse than a stock ringtone to wake you up after all!

Thim Ring Sleep Tracking Device

Full Feature & Specifications List:

Blending the latest in sleep science with an organic design that’s made to be comfortable, the THIM wearable sleep device comes everything you need to monitor and improve sleep. With 4 interchangeable bands, you can wear the THIM ring on any finger and the device will still work as expected.

Take a look at the full features and specifications below:

4x Interchangeable Bands For Comfort
100% Silicone Band For Sensitive Skin
Mini-USB Charging Cable (Included).
Bluetooth Smartphone Connectivity.
iOS 11 & 12 Compatible.
Android OS 7 & 8 Compatible.
Premium Polycarbonate Housing.

Price & Value

Comparatively to the Fitbit Versa or Motiv Ring – which also offer sleep tracking technology – the THIM Sleep Ring is a much cheaper option. With a price tag of $200AUD from the official website, if you don’t care too much about fitness then you can save the expense by avoiding it’s more advanced compatriots.

Whilst the ring itself is limited, there is no comparison to the sleep retraining research that has gone into the THIM program. Unlike other smart devices that offer no attempt to help improve your sleep, the THIM sleep ring has so much value within its technology. Backed by over 10 years of research at Flinders University, there is simply no other device that re-programs your sleep as effortlessly as the THIM. Therefore, if you want to stay off the drugs, so much value can be gained from trying the THIM ring.

Thim Sleep Tracking Gadget

THIM Sleep Review Summary

Overall, the THIM sleep will not be the worst purchase you make this year. Whilst not as flashy as it’s smartwatch competitors, the science behind the gadget is undeniably impressive. We have scored this THIM sleep review an overall rating of 4.3 stars as the missing heart and respiratory rate functionality is a big one. There is much more to sleep than the action of sleeping and the THIM ring could have had it all. Maybe if the app had been expanded to include health and wellness programs then we could forgive the missing monitors. But as advocates of combining technology, we’re sorry THIM!

It’s very difficult to factually state that the THIM sleep ring will drastically improve your sleep. However, you will likely see an improvement nonetheless. If you’re the type to stick to the program and surround yourself with aromatherapy diffusers, your success rate will be higher. But for those of you still drinking coffee in the evening, best of luck. The science is unbelievable, but science is sometimes best left with professionals. If you’ve tried other sleep improvement techniques without success, we’d recommend trialling the THIM sleep ring.

THIM Sleep Review Summary
  • Look Station
  • Features
  • Total Value

THIM Sleep Review Summary

Overall, the THIM sleep will not be the worst purchase you make this year. Whilst not as flashy as it’s smartwatch competitors, the science behind the gadget is undeniably impressive.



  • Scientifically Proven.
  • Nap Mode.
  • Well Priced Gadget.


  • No Heart Rate Monitor.
  • No Respiratory Tracking.

Content Disclaimer: Our ‘Thim Sleep Review’ is totally independent and has not been commissioned by the company in any capacity. Mr Gadget has not received any endorsements for this writing including financial reimbursement, free advertising or the product itself by way of gift. If you purchase this item via an affiliate link on our website, we may receive a small commission from the seller. We hope you enjoyed!


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