Things You Should Know About HDI PCB

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PCBs are being used extensively all around the world in various devices and products. Various electronics companies use PCBs so that their devices can function properly and their electrical components are safe. Due to PCBs, different devices and products can operate efficiently without any difficulties. Various components of a PCB have different functions.

A device having a PCB can perform such functions at once through the pathways. Such pathways are created in the PCB to join all the component’s functions into the device. A device will be unable to perform properly without a PCB. Thus, PCBs are an important part of any device you can think of nowadays.

There are different designs of printed circuit boards used for several purposes. One of such designs of PCB is HDI. It has different functions and is used for specific purposes, which we shall be discussing further in the blog. We will also be discussing how an HDI is used and its advantages.

What Is HDI PCB?

Now then, let’s get into what exactly is an HDI PCB. Well, HDI or High-Density Interconnect is a PCB with higher functioning wiring (density per unit area) than a regular PCB. We can say that HDI PCBs are more precise than regular PCBs. They have fine and precise pathways and lines.

HDI PCBs occupy less space, their connection pad density is higher, and they have more interconnections than ordinary PCBs. Whatever output you are producing, an HDI PCB will be beneficial as it can reduce the size and the weight of the output. If you want the product’s electrical performance to be improved, you should use an HDI PCB. Some of the benefits of an HDI PCB are that it is small in size and has higher frequency and speed.

The Process Of Making HDI PCB

The process of making an HDI PCB is not an easy one. There are various measures anyways that one needs to adapt to create an HDI PCB. You need to ensure technician specialization, special equipment, and care processes to make an HDI PCB. During an HDI PCB manufacturing process, some special equipment includes laser imaging, plugging, laser drills, and sequential lamination cycles.

One of the extensively necessary procedures in making an HDI PCB is the use of laser drilling technology. A PCB needs to have thin pathways from and to components, which is impossible with the traditional method of using acids. Laser drilling technology can efficiently make it possible, and no problem will arise during the HDI PCBs’ creation process. As it contains a beam of light of 20 microns, it can make tiny paths in the board by cutting it through glass and metal slightly.

The process of making an HDI PCB takes more time than a regular PCB. It is because the pathway in it is thinner, and the components are more. Thus, one should use a multilayered design with insulating material. Through such a design, the devices having an HDI PCB will function better. The completion of the making of HDI PCB takes place with its lamination process. Through a heated roller method, the lamination is done. All the layers are to be put on top of the other before the heater roller method.

Advantages Of HDI PCB

As you already know, HDI PCBs Aae better and more functional than traditional printed circuit boards. There are certain advantages that an HDI PCB possesses, some of which are as follows:

Space saver

HDI circuit boards are smaller in size and thus are a space saver. The layers present in HDI can be reduced, which results in a smaller and handy product. It is quite beneficial to use HDI circuit boards in place of traditional circuit boards since they can make the desired product smaller, more comfortable, durable, and efficient.

Improves Signal Integrity

In HDI circuit boards, the components are placed in close contact with one another due to the blind via and via-in-pad technology. As the components are placed closely, the signal path length between them cuts down. With the reduction in via Stubs, the reduction of reflection of signals is possible. All this helps in the improvement of signal quality. As the signal parts are shorter and signal quality better, the signal integrity also improves.

Leads to reduced heat transfer

As the HDI PCB space is smaller, there is less distance for heat to transfer, and it cannot even leave an HDI PCB. It also has a thermal expansion, which makes it better and helps extend a PCB’s life.

Uses of HDI PCB

There are various users of an HDI PCB since it is compatible, reliable, and compact. Several products and devices use HDI PCB for certain reasons. Some of the things that use an HDI PCB are listed below:


Smartphones have loads of functions to perform and are quite complex. Thus, they need a PCB that can hold all its complex abilities and provide full functionality. In such a case comes the use of an HDI PCB. The electrical signals can be sent and received quickly due to HDI PCBs, making a smartphone much better.

Gaming Consoles

Another type of device that uses HDI PCB is Gaming consoles. You must have heard about various gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Wii, And many more. All these consoles have complex functionalities so that you can play through the games without any issues. HDI makes sure that the functionalities are problem-free and the games run smoothly.

PC And Laptops

PC And laptops are such devices that cannot work without an HDI PCB. Such devices perform various tasks, and you can use them for surfing the web, watching videos, doing any digital work, and whatnot. HDI PCBs are responsible for connecting with the mouse and display. They also help in recognizing keystrokes.

Digital Cameras

There are various important functions of digital cameras, and it increases more when a picture is captured. How can all the process of capturing a photo and making changes in the settings occur without a proper PCB? Thus, an HDI circuit board comes to the rescue so that there can be no problems regarding digital cameras’ functions.


In the end, we can say that HDI or high-density inter-connector is a model or type of PCB that is both reliable and efficient. It is small in size, leads to reduced heat transfer, and even improves the signal integrity. It is made to consider all the consumer’s needs and demands to use their devices (having HDI PCBs) comfortably. HDI PCBs are used in various devices such as smartphones, PC, laptops, gaming consoles, digital cameras, MP3 players, and whatnot. Thus, it can be said that HDI PCBs are extensively used nowadays.


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