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TimeChi: Your Partner In Mastering The Pomodoro Technique

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It’s been more than a year since the pandemic happened and a lot of people working from home have a hard time focusing on their day-to-day tasks. But with TimeChi in your hands, you’ll be steered away from distractions.

TimeChi is supported by Bluetooth and WiFi so you can access it wirelessly either with your phone or PC. It is also future-proof with USB-C support so you can charge the device and its battery can last you the whole day at work.

We’ll give you a quick gist of what the Pomodoro technique is and why you should consider getting yourself this handy gadget especially if you’re surrounded by temptations in your work-from-home setups.

The Pomodoro Technique In A Nutshell

This productivity time hack has been around since the 1980s invented by Francesco Cirillo. Here are the simple steps to efficiently work on your tasks:

  1. Have a to-do list and a timer.
  2. Set your timer to 25 minutes (1 pomodoro = 25 minutes)
  3. Estimate how many pomodoros it will take to finish your task.
  4. Take a 5-minute break after each pomodoro.
  5. Once you’ve reached your fourth pomodoro, feel free to take a 15 to 30-minute break.

If you think a task will take you more than four pomodoros to complete, then try to break it down into smaller milestones so you don’t get overwhelmed with all the work.

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TimeChi On Desk

TimeChi Gets You In The Zone With Measurable Results

While it’s possible to do the Pomodoro technique with just your smartphone timer, there might be cases that you’ll still be tempted to be distracted in browsing your Facebook and Twitter.

With TimeChi, you get to visualize how you efficiently complete tasks at a certain time. The app dashboard lets you analyze your habits so you’ll have a deeper understanding of your work ethics. You might be sluggish during the day but more focused during the night.

You can also set your app to block websites that distract you during your Pomodoro to keep you focused on your tasks.

A lifetime subscription of their included software worth $9.95/month is also available if you pre-order their units before they officially go to market.

Their featured TimeChi Full Productivity Toolkit is still available on their Indiegogo campaign as of this writing for only AU$295.

The bundle includes the TimeChi plus the TimeChi-e that can serve as a “do not disturb” sign to let your colleagues know that you’re in the zone. Or you can also get the 5 TimeChi Office Productivity Pack for AU$696 or the 10 TimeChi Remote Team Productivity Pack for AU$1,207.


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