Tips And Tricks To Help You Towards A Better Online Search Experience

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One of the best things about smartphones and the evolutions of the internet and technology is that the second we read or hear or see something we get curious about, we just type the term or even take a picture on the search engine we’re using, and we get instant results. Sometimes the results are to the point, but other times we get vague or unrelated results that confuse us more than we were, to begin with. The great news is that many tips help narrow down our research to get the exact information needed to answer our questions or help us with our research. Read along and let us help you get the most accurate results for your search on the internet.

Use Clear Words

The best thing about search engines is that they don’t care if your grammar was correct when you type your search title. What matters though is that you use clear words that will help the search engine narrow down the results it gives you. Give your search engine clues to help it find relevant articles and pages for your search. For example, if you are searching for nonfiction works by an author who is mostly known for their work of fiction, including the author’s name and the word nonfiction so you don’t find yourself lost in many pages about their famous work of fiction. These clues help the search engine return with the results most related to your search.

Use Advanced Search Options

An advanced search is an excellent option for narrowing down your search results and getting more specific ones. Advanced search is especially useful if you are researching work or an academic paper. You can’t just use any website, but you need to use authentic, noncommercial sites for accurate, reliable information. You also sometimes need articles or information from a specific year or period, which is another way advanced search is quite handy.

Use These Tricks

There are some tricks that many people don’t know that can do wonders to your search results. One of these tricks is using OR in your search phrase. If you want the search engine to give you results that include

bbbeither this or that, use ‘or’ or you may use this ‘|’ between two words. Another trick is to use ‘*’ if you want to broaden your results and get anything related to a certain term. If you want to search for information on a specific site, write is your search site: followed by the URL of the site you want to search through, then add the term or subject you need to find results about.

Don’t Use Punctuation

The only punctuation you need is quotation marks if you are looking for a specific quote or term. Other than that, search engines don’t need punctuation. They may actually be confusing and you may end up with results that may not be related to your search. Besides, search engines usually disregard punctuation, so save your breath and don’t use them. It also doesn’t matter to search engines whether you uppercase the first letter of a sentence or a name. Uppercase and lowercase are the same as a search engine algorithm. Another thing to not bother with is using articles like a, an, and, etc. But you ‘the’ makes a big difference in search results sometimes, so use it when needed in your search.

Autocomplete Is a Friend

The search engine box will give you suggestions and autocomplete your search phrase. These are actually pretty helpful since they are recognized by the search engine and it means that you will get better results using these terms. It also means the search engine is familiar with these search terms and probably has accurate results using these terms. Autocomplete is of great use, unlike autocorrect that changes the words you type to anything else not even remotely related to what you originally typed.

The Results on the Top may not Be Relevant

Thanks to SEO (search engine optimization), companies get their sites moved to the top in search results. They use keywords that people use to search for things that are somehow related, but they may not be completely related to what you need to find. You should also be careful when you research because some of the results at the very top are just ads. It’s not difficult to recognize the ads as you will find the word (Ad) at the bottom right above the next result. You may want to steer clear of those because they may be spam or send viruses and malware to your devices.

Searching for what you need is pretty easy, and even easier when you know the tips that help you find what you’re looking for. It’s also best when you make sure your device, whether it’s a computer or a smartphone, is safe from questionable pages that may harm it greatly. Now you can start your safe, useful search for whatever you need.


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