Tips To Prepare For Microsoft Certification Exams

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Microsoft, one of the largest IT companies, was the first to introduce certifications for IT credentials. The company has now focused on role-based training and cloud-based certificates. Today, Microsoft certification has become a high-level validation for your skills, knowledge, and expertise in Microsoft programs and the cloud.

Most businesses have started to move their assets to the cloud platform. So, it has become essential for IT companies to look for qualified professionals to manage cloud computing efficiently. With so many paths of certification, Microsoft advises its exam aspirants to start with the Azure 900 exam. This certification exam will validate your basics with cloud security, management, services, features, and tools.

If you’re planning to prepare for your Microsoft certification examination, then you must know the tips on how to do it. This certification will improve your CV and boost your expertise in the cloud platform, as it is the future of IT. So, check these few tips for the perfect preparation for your exams.

1. Having A Proper Study Routine

It is essential to bring discipline into your life, especially for studying. You will have to prioritize your study time to prepare for your exams efficiently. This is crucial to avoid distractions and procrastination from your objective to clear your exam. Make a proper schedule with most of your productive hours for studying.

2. Review And Revise Topics Covered On The Exam

Microsoft keeps updating and publishing its exam descriptions for its objectives and topics. For instance, any change in Microsoft artificial intelligence will bring changes to the topics covered in exams. Even the sub-objectives on the topics carry some vital set of skills that you need to master for your exams. So, ensure to review and revise the topics of your exams before your preparations.

3. Use The Best Study Materials

You will need to use the best study materials from reliable sources that are verified and validated by Microsoft. You will get most of your content for Microsoft online courses on various online platforms. You can ask for study resources from multiple online forums and candidates who have previously prepared for this exam. With the best study material, you can cover the essential and relatable topic contents.

4. Take Proper Notes While Studying

The best way to prepare for your doubts is to note them down. You must write down the crucial points, technical aspects, and points for practical exposure while studying for your Microsoft certification courses. Ensure to take proper notes for vital elements of cloud, MS programs, and networking which you encounter through study material, online videos, and so on.

5. Hands-On Experience With Technology

If you want to excel in aspects like cloud security or cloud management, you will need hands-on experience. You will be able to use your real-life experiences and knowledge of the task to answer the questions related to theoretical practice in your exams. This tip will give you an upper hand to understand the technical terms and clear the exam efficiently.

6. Learn From Microsoft Certified Professionals

One of the best ways to prepare for your Microsoft exams is getting role-based Microsoft certification training from certified trainers. If you seek the help of certified professionals, you will easily cover all the topics one by one with practical experience about the concepts. These certified training companies use e-learning websites to save time and easy access to the study. They have access to Microsoft courseware to deliver the direct objectives of the exams to you. You can enroll yourself in various training courses such as SQL server training or Azure training at reasonable prices.

7. Give Mock Tests

One of the best tips to prepare for your exams is giving regular mock tests. These mock tests will help you to increase your speed, efficiency, and accuracy for the exam. This will help you identify your mistakes and work on that particular topic to improve your knowledge. You can download various sample papers from online forums to appear for these tests. However, the availability of such papers can be limited. The best solution is to enroll yourself in a certified institute for their mock test series.

8. Relax And Believe In Yourself

You must relax before a week of your exams. If you’ve given your 100% for the preparation, then there’s nothing for you to stress about. In fact, being stressful before exams can make you nervous and you may make silly mistakes. So, believe in your preparation, relax, listen to some good music and revise briefly.

Summing Up

Remember that preparation for completion and passing your exams is the ultimate goal. It is not an easy-to-do task for anyone to become a Microsoft certified professional in their first attempt. However, you can crack it with all the tips mentioned above. Don’t give up if you fail, instead learn from what went wrong and boost your morale for the next attempt.


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