Top 10 Latest Desk Gadgets For A Home Office

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Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many employers have been forced to allow their workers to migrate to a work-from-home environment. Although many employers thought that this would lead to a decrease in work productivity, the opposite happened. Given the flexibility to plan their workflow, many employees have shown a spike in productivity and time management.

Many studies have shown that the lack of micromanaging and an intense work environment has led more workers to opt for the remote working environment.

The recent wave of employees quitting their daytime jobs proves that the average working adult enjoys remote work’s freedom and flexibility. Many workers have taken up second jobs that are primarily virtual and do not require them to spend any days in the office.

Remote working has increased employee productivity and flexibility and has also decreased the costs of having a job. These costs are mainly transportation fees and buying lunch and coffee every morning. Workers no longer have to worry about wearing impressive outfits or driving the best car. Essentially, remote working has removed the cost of vanity in many employees’ lives, and thus the digital migration.

Now, digital migration does not just happen. You need to have the right gear to ensure that the quality of work procured at home is the same, if not better, as the one produced at the office. To ensure that you are updated with the latest and greeted home office tools, here are the top 10 latest desk gadgets you must have in your home office.

Standing Desk

The first item any home office needs is a standing desk. A standing desk has a remote control feature that adjusts the height of the table to your preference. The adjustable top allows you to work sitting down or standing up.

Sitting down for 8 hours straight may have adverse effects on your spine and overall posture. A standing desk enables you to work while standing or walking on a treadmill. Standing improves your overall focus and productivity.

If you are a bit skeptical about the benefits of the standing desk, reading a standing desk review is an excellent way to envision the desk in use and the different ways the desk will transform your workspace.

Laptop Stand

The next item you need in your home office is a laptop stand. The stand allows you to position your computer at eye level, thus relieving the pressure off your spine.

Ergonomics Chair

If you are not entirely a fan of the standing desk, an ergonomics office chair is the next best option. The chair has a slightly curved back that supports your spine and encourages you to sit straight while working.

The chair rests on wheels, thus allowing for mobility around your office. A good ergonomics hair is height adjustable and has significant padding.

An Extra Screen/Monitor

If you are working from home, there is a high chance that you will be multi-tasking and bouncing from tab to tab. A second monitor allows you to declutter your screen while allowing you to move back and forth from one task to another.

A Timer

An essential quality of any remote worker is a timer. You may allocate each work hour to a specific task with a timer on your desk. This time allocation will assist you in maintaining an efficient time-management schedule and a positive work-life balance.

The brain has a pretty limited attention span; setting a timer will allow you to schedule breaks between tasks.

Noise Cancellation Headphones

One damaging setback about working from home is the uncontrollable variables in the house that are completely non-existent in a workplace environment. Young children, noisy neighbors, and passing cars in the background are all factors that contribute to an unprofessional work environment. Therefore, your best option is to have noise-canceling headphones blocking all third-party sounds.

The best noise cancellation headphones are equipped with a built-in microphone and Bluetooth functionality.

Wireless Mouse And Keypad

If you haven’t made a switch to wireless, you are far left behind. Wireless gadgets allow you to work on your screen without having to be directly in front of it. The best wireless gadgets are compatible with all open system devices and are connectable via Bluetooth.

Another gadget that will be a great addition to your home office is a keypad stand. The stand will bring your keypad closer to you, thus reducing the strain on your arms.

Fast Internet Connection

Every home office must have a high-speed internet connection. Whether it is a connection via Wi-Fi or fiber, an internet connection is the heart of remote working. The internet is primarily used to access emails and virtual communication tools such as Skype, Zoom, and Google Meets.

High Definition Webcam

All laptops have a built-in webcam; however, the quality of the camera differs depending on the model of the computer. Thus, purchasing a high-definition (HD) webcam is highly recommended to give you the best quality video for your virtual communication.

A good webcam has a built-in flashlight that automatically lights up when connecting to a virtual communication tool. The light brightens up your space, thus creating a professional and work conducive ambiance.

LED Light

If you are happy with the quality of your webcam but it does not have the flashlight functionality, a standalone LED light is your best bet to brighten up your home office. One challenging aspect of remote working is that the working hours are sparse and non-regimented. If you work for a company that operates in a different time zone, you may have to attend meetings at night. In this case, the standard light fixtures on your ceiling will not cut it. You may use a regular camera LED light or ring light attached to a tripod.

The remote working environment has many benefits; it gives employees a flexible work schedule and an outstanding work-life balance. However, the remote work experience can be drastically improved by incorporating specific office gadgets. The gadgets mentioned above differ between an average and a great work from home experience.


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