Top 10 social media security tips to follow in 2021

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No doubt, social media is one of the fastest-growing entertainment, communication, and business platforms of this era. Almost every person nowadays is available on social media. They can communicate with their close ones.

They can also track events from influencers, find a marketplace for business, and most essentially showcase their skills. If you are joining social media platforms, you must ensure that you are clear with social media security awareness. But if you don’t know the social security tips, this article will help you with ways to stay safe on social media.

Besides, people post millions of pictures, videos, and personal information on their social media account. They offer almost all of their data to social media sites. But if the social media sites do not protect their data, all these data can be misused with wrong intentions.

Why do you need social media security?

Despite being used as a communication channel, social media platforms are now frequently utilized for businesses. As almost the total populations reside in social media, businesses find it a reliable platform to advertise their brands.  So, you can conclude that, along with users, companies also utilize social media platforms for business.

Further, every business to promote their services/product needs to have an account. So, that may include sensitive information about their business. Hackers may hack accounts to control the business domain and other transactions. So, in such cases, you need social media security to ensure the protection of every business.

Besides, users also play a vital part in the platform. If they find the platform safe, they won’t use it. And that will ultimately reduce the popularity of social media sites. So, if you are a social media developer or user, you must know how to protect your personal information on social media. Here are ten social media security tips you need to follow.

Some social media security tips that you need to ensure

Always create a strong password/credential.

Passwords are the most primary walls of social media sites that keep your information secure. So, it is groundless to say that you must ensure a strong password. If you are creating an account or already have one, make sure you create a strong password. Sometimes your passwords are stored in a secure account. So, it would be best to change your passwords at regular intervals of time to be safe from hacking.

Use strong policies for your social media site.

A firm policy also plays a vital role in keeping personal information secure. So, it would be best if you make your policies clear and robust for everyone.  Describe the users’ liabilities to all those points that can affect your social media platform’s security.

Further, you must also discuss it with all the concerned departments like the IT department, compliance team, and legal security team to develop better policies for your social media platform.

You should also offer training to all your employees. You must also have a policy that includes how to ignore channels that have default privacy settings.

Install SSL certificates.

No doubts, Cheap SSL Certificates are the most excellent way to avoid security risks any day. An SSL certificate encrypts the link connecting the web server and the browser for those who don’t know. So, it eventually closes all the chances of hacking any information. So, if you want to protect your personal information on social media platforms, you must use SSL certificates.

Used advanced technology in your social media platforms

The older technologies are usually easier to hack as compared to the older ones. It is because; the older technology includes out of date security updates. So, this, as a result, makes them prone to cybersecurity attacks.

But on the other hand, the latest technologies come with the latest security software. They continuously scan for the viruses in the back end. So, this helps you find all the viruses, malware, worms, spam ware, and other cyber-security related issues. So, if you are developing social media platforms, you must use the latest and robust technology that will ensure security.

Further, users should also use advanced devices with proper security measures. This will prevent the hacking of their personal information.

Check the security risks regularly.

If you want to offer a risk-free platform to users, you need to closely monitor all the fraudulent activities. This means that you must have a close watch on those contents that are malicious.

Further, all the users must also make sure all their connections are worth relying on. Avoid someone whom you don’t know. Sometimes more number connections make you open to security risk. These days content sharing and forwarding to others is on-trend. So, in such cases, there might be one of your connections that can share malicious content. So, it would be best if you also avoid unnecessary connections.

Secure your social media accounts

If you are not regularly using your social media platforms, you must terminate your account. This is because; having an account despite not using it can lead to your personal data misuse. So, it would be best if you eliminate your account and terminate all the browser sessions.

Further, you can also turn on the two-factor authentication of your social media accounts. This will prevent hackers from hacking your account, as it requires OTP to sign in to the browser.

Commence regular security audit

If you are using social media platforms, it becomes necessary for you to have a security audit at a regular interval of time. The security audit will let you know if there are any security updates available with changes recently. So, if you want to protect information on a social media platform, you must have regular security audits.

Secure all your devices on which you use social media

If your employees are using social media platforms using Wi-Fi, or any other network, you must secure those devices. And securing those devices includes using a firewall, VPN, and anti-virus software. This will help you keep your device protected against any data hacking. So, if you are looking to protect your information on social media sites, you must secure all your devices.

Don’t be too personal.

The hackers always search for personal information to dodge all those security questions and enter into your account. So, make sure you are presenting information that is not too personal. Further, you should also keep your profile locked and make the entire information private that can be viewed only by you.

Block unwanted connections

If you find an unwanted connection sending you links, you must block those users. The links they send can be malicious and can misuse your data. So, if you find ways to stay safe on social media, you must block unwanted connections.


Wrapping up, these are the tips that ensure social media security. Many other tips will guide you, as well. But among all those, these are the most crucial tips. So, you must follow all these tips to keep your social media platform protected.



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