Top 3 Factors That Influence AUD to Rupee Exchange Rate

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The Australian Dollar is one of the world’s most traded currencies, worth about US$0.86.

When buying goods and services from Australia, it is important to be aware of the current AUD to Rupee exchange rates as they can change frequently.

Three factors impact the AUD/INR conversion rate: trade, economic, and foreign currency inflows.

1. Political Stability And Inflation

The Australian government is committed to keeping the AUD strong. It has a target rate of 3% inflation for the next few years.

This means that the AUD will become stronger over time, making it more difficult for the Rupee to increase value. Trade and economic policies will also help determine the AUD to INR conversion rate. You can use sites like Western Union to find out conversion rates.

On a political level, the government has maintained a stable economy and avoided major political scandals. These factors are contributing to an AUD that is less prone to volatility.

On the other hand, India’s central bank (Reserve Bank of India) has struggled with inflation. The Rupee has also been quite volatile in the past decade. These factors have made the Rupee more susceptible to exchange rate changes.

2. Australia’s Trade Relations

Australia benefits from a stable political environment and a growing economy. This strengthens its popularity in Asian markets, particularly India. The country is strategically positioned between China, Japan, and South Korea. When these countries are active, AUD tends to increase faster, and the Rupee loses value. On the other hand, when China and Southeast Asian countries are active, AUD tends to decrease faster. This makes it easier for the Rupee to rise in value.

A positive trade relationship with India also benefits the AUD to Rupee exchange rate conversion. The country is the largest importer of Australian goods, but it is also its largest exporter. The Rupee to AUD conversion will increase if India’s demand for Australian goods grows. Also, the Australian economy has many exporters and is a major player in Asia-Pacific trade. The AUD to INR rise should be higher if Australia’s exports to India increase.

3. Foreign Currency Demand

When people buy foreign currency, it increases the price of that currency. Many international investors are now looking for investment opportunities in India, which has led to high demand for the Rupee. This makes it more expensive and less desirable to invest in.

As a result, the Rupee loses value. Meanwhile, it is easier to sell AUD because it is considered more stable.

The Australian Government is also actively involved with foreign currency exchanges and purchases.

This contributes to its popularity as an investment opportunity. If people want to increase their Australian economy investments and hedge against an uncertain future, they will convert their AUD into Rupees. It is, therefore, easier for Rupees to rise in value than AUD.


The AUD to INR conversion rate is a complicated system, with many factors that affect the rate. It is not recommended to analyze this issue deeply. Instead, it is better to focus on the major variables such as political stability and growth, trade and economic policies, foreign currency inflows and outflows, and the central bank’s policies.

These factors are more important than specific economic data, which is subject to unexpected changes.


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