Top Gadgets And Up-to-date Technology That You Can Use To Store Data

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The emergence of the digital world paved the way for various possibilities such as paperless processes because of online transactions. However, these processes entail the need for extensive storage solutions that ensure safety, and at the same time availability of data. This article lists down some of the top gadgets and contemporary technology that you can use to store data.

Network Attached Storage

One of the top contemporary technologies that you can consider to store digital data is network-attached storage (NAS) devices. The greatest minds behind Synology, one of the top brands that offer this kind of storage solution, suggest that you consider NAS devices to store your data if you have a small business because it is not only effective but is highly scalable as well. The reason behind this is that NAS devices will allow you to retrieve your data from a central location as long as you are an authorized user of the network. This means that if you need additional storage in the future, you will have no problem adding more to your network.

External Hard Disk Drive

Another top gadget that you can leverage to store your digital data is an external hard disk drive (HDD). In this modern-day and age, there are already several types of external HDDs in the market. Some will even allow you to purchase cloud storage backup as a corollary. Just do get ones with a durable external case or those that feature password protection.

You can also use an external HDD specifically designed to cater to larger data storage and seamless network processing. Some of these are even available as a NAS drive, which is great if you are running a small enterprise. There is also the option for you to go for an external HDD with an added function of an encrypted security system.

HDDs are considered to be magnetic storage devices, encoding data in patterns of positive and negative magnetic polarity in a certain medium such as an organic metal. This is the reason why you will often see circular platters made of metal oxide material inside hard disks. The metal oxide rotates around a spindle at an extremely fast speed. The platters are then magnetized in positive and negative polarities to store the patterns. If you are not into the use of an external HDD, you can also consider an SSD, or a solid-state storage device instead.

Solid State Storage Devices

Solid-state storage devices can retain digital data even when it is powered off because it leverages nonvolatile memory. While they may be more expensive than the other types of storage devices, they are also lighter, faster, and more efficient. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that they have no moving parts.

Some of the most common forms of solid-state storage devices include a USB flash drive, flash memory cards, as well as flash hard drives. A USB flash drive is extremely portable and it is also easy to use as you just need to plug it into your computer through a USB port. On the other hand, flash memory cards can also store digital data and they are most commonly found in smartphones and digital cameras.

The solid-state storage devices on your laptop, tablets, or portable storage devices are usually referred to as solid-state drives (SSDs). While they take the same shape or form as mechanical hard drives, they are usually smaller in size or more compact. These are the contemporary storage devices that are more commonly used today.

Optical Storage Devices

You also have the option to go for optical storage devices such as a compact disc (CD) or a digital versatile disc (DVD). More often than not, these storage devices are leveraged for music files and some other computer programs. Nevertheless, the emergence of the blue-ray disc paved the way for the possibility to store even high-definition movies.

Popular Apps

There are also several popular apps that you can use to store digital data. For instance, Google’s search app, which is 5MB in size, is effective for quick search even if you have a slow connection. It even works in an optimized manner even with smartphones with low space. Another app from Google that allows budget handset users to find files and share them even in offline mode is Files Go. Taking less than 6MB of space on any smartphone, the files that are transferred through this app is encrypted. This means that you will be able to store and transmit digital files efficiently and securely.

When it comes to data storage, some of the most popular options that you have to include are network-attached storage and external HDDs. However, you can also consider saving your data through some of the most popular apps currently available. Just keep in mind that the key is ensuring that the data storage medium that you eventually go for is safe and secure for your online safety.


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