Top Ways Technology is Changing Home Workouts

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When it comes to the fitness world, working out at home is a trend that recently thrived across the globe. Especially when the COVID 19 hit the world and forced a sudden lockdown, fitness enthusiasts had no other option but to look for home workouts that would allow them to keep a track of their health. One of the growing reasons behind the reliance on home workouts is none other than technology. In simple words, home workouts allow the flexibility to indulge in any kind of physical activity that one is comfortable in. here’s how technology has changed the dynamics of home workouts:

Health Tracking with Wearables

Unless you have been living under the rock, you will know that the revenue of fitness tracker variables is already skyrocketing and hit the $2.57 billion mark in 2018. With major companies such as Apple, Xiaomi, and Fitbit being in the front row to serve, the wearables play a major role in informing everyone about their current health condition. No wonder, the use of wearables has created a rage in the fitness world and people are assuming control over their health conditions. Now, If you sift through the web, you will be astonished to know that the fitness wearable selling companies get in touch with first page Instagram advertising agency and promote their products through social media, so they can find the relevant audience in a short time.

Live Streaming Fitness Classes

Through live-streaming classes, you can easily bring virtual coaching to your home. This is a great opportunity for solo exercises who want to work out at home and join other people too. Luckily, the live streaming sessions have made it easier for everyone to join the on-demand classes and make the most out of them in real-time. The drive behind the need for such classes is low cost. As technology continues to become cheaper, it has encapsulated the attention of millions across the globe. Therefore, with lower monthly charges, you can work out at home while keeping up with the other chaps through the live session. Hadn’t it been for technology, this feature wouldn’t have ever come into perspective.

Fitness Podcasts

For your information, there are over 0.7 million podcasts out there with “health” being a major category. Therefore, if you sift through the web, you will be astonished to come across a plethora of health and fitness products being sold. Just like the live exercise session, you can listen to the podcast whenever you are free. This means you don’t have to restrict yourself to a certain time slot when you possibly might be working. After getting in touch with the leading experts from the industry, we’ve come to know that there is a topic for everyone to listen to. This means, if you want to know about staying fit during quarantine or managing mental health amidst the global pandemic, you will be entitled to a certain channel explaining these aspects on the health podcast.


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