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TUMI Teams Up with Razer for Fashionable Gaming Travel Gear

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Article Summary
  • TUMI teams up with Razer for a line of fashionable gaming travel gear.
  • 4 different limited-edition travel gear will be sold.
  • Most affordable limited-edition travel gear will be sold at $273.85 AUD.

Gaming and fashion do not always go hand in hand, but why shouldn’t they? TUMI is teaming up with Razer to change this stigma as it attempts to release a line of four different travel gears to help gamers carry their tech in style.

Gamer fashion is usually different from the high-end fashion some would see on fashion shows. This doesn’t mean that one is less though since gamers generally have different things they are attracted to.

Neon and RGB are two very important color aesthetics that attract gamers with a futuristic-tech approach to clothing. With TUMI’s limited edition line, gamers can get the best of both worlds even when transporting their gear.

TUMI x Razer Limited-Edition Travel Gear

Although Razer does release wearables every once in a while, it’s usually known for its computer accessories like the Huntsman V2 analog gaming keyboard and Thunderbolt 4 Dock Chroma, but it’s also not afaraid to try new things like the Project Hazel N95 Face Mask.

Razer usually goes the classic route with its RGB and neon green theme when it launches its products. Its collaboration with TUMI will retain this signature look as it launches the limited-edition travel gears in black and neon green, a classic Razer look.

When TUMI says limited edition, they mean limited edition. There will only be 1,337 units for each style within its collection. The Razer limited-edition capsule can only be bought at certain TUMI stores around the globe or on the Razer and TUMI websites.

Luckily, the limited-edition capsule will also be available at specialty retailers like JD in China and TMall.

Here are the different TUMI x Razer limited-edition products:

  • International Expandable 4 Wheel Carry-On Luggage – sold at $1,217.13 AUD
  • Finch Backpack for the 15-inch Laptop – sold at $933.13 AUD
  • Bozeman Sling Bag – sold at $770.85 AUD
  • Laptop Sleeve for the 15-inch Laptop – sold at $273.85 AUD

Exciting Partnership for Both Companies

The shell and the lining of the products will reportedly be made of recycled materials which go in line with both companies’ commitments toward sustainability. With a lot of heat being put on the fashion and gaming industry for its results on waste, the two companies are taking the ethical route to use recycled materials.

As per its press release, both brands will be collaborating not just for the collection but also when it comes to a “forward-thinking, futuristic campaign concept that brings the capsule to life.” Victor Sanz, the Creative Director of TUMI, said that they have fully embraced their esports category when it came to their partnership with Razer.

TUMI says they are excited to deliver products that are in line with the gaming community’s attitude and passion. Razer announced that they were likewise thrilled to be partnering with TUMI for the exclusive collection saying they wanted to offer their fans high-quality travel gear.


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